The high popularity of “Squid Game” can make it sign up for next year’s Emmy Awards?

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Netflix “Squid Game” with the blessing of high popularity, fans are very curious whether this show can sign up for next year’s Prime Time Emmys.

According to foreign media reports, some people in the industry said that although “Squid Game” is a work in Korean pronunciation.

The high popularity of "Squid Game" can make it sign up for next year's Emmy Awards?

But because it is a series produced by the American streaming platform Netflix, it is also broadcast in the US market through its platform.

So it does have the qualifications to participate in Prime Time Emmys.

Emmy Awards is the highest honor in the United States to recognize outstanding individuals and programs in the television industry.

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Its importance is equivalent to the Oscar Academy Award in the film industry, the Grammy Awards in the music industry, and the Tony Award in the theater industry.

In addition, “Squid Game” is also eligible for the International Emmy Awards.

The high popularity of "Squid Game" can make it sign up for next year's Emmy Awards?

But according to regulations, “Squid Game” can only choose one prize to participate.

The crew will eventually choose to sign up for the US awards or the international awards, which makes the outside world curious.

In recent years, in order to qualify for Prime Time Emmys, many international dramas have tried to find ways to cooperate with American companies.

Including “Chernobyl”, “Unorthodox”, “Downton Abbey”, “I May Destroy You”, etc.

Among them, “Schitt’s Creek” even organized 7 awards in comedy category at Prime Time Emmys last year, with outstanding results.

Interestingly, the show was strictly a Canadian series at the beginning.

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But it was later acquired by the American company Lionsgate, and it had “American ancestry”, so it was eligible to participate.

The high popularity of "Squid Game" can make it sign up for next year's Emmy Awards?

If “Squid Game” signs up for next year’s Prime Time Emmys, its “battle situation” must be eye-catching.

The outside world expects that the play should compete in drama series projects, so “Succession”, “Better Call Saul”, “Ozark” and other dramas will be strong rivals.

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