‘The Batman’: Robert Pattinson Explains Batman’s No Killing Principles

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“The Batman” star Robert Pattinson recently accepted an interview with the media. When talking about the content of the film, Pattinson said that he revealed the mental state of Batman in the new film.

Robert Pattinson: Batman has one rule: He never kills.

'The Batman': Robert Pattinson Explains Batman's No Killing Principles

And this can be explained in two ways: either he just wants to impose a certain degree of punishment, or his self-control prevents him from wanting to kill!

From the first day of rehearsal for the film, I’ve been brewing this, and it’s just getting more and more interesting: deep inside he’s always trying to rip someone’s throat!

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I told myself that if this guy would be willing to go after criminals on the big night, he couldn’t be incapable of enjoying it.

'The Batman': Robert Pattinson Explains Batman's No Killing Principles

He was in pain, and a desire overwhelmed him. The confrontation cleared his mind, calmed him, and brought him to a state of perfection.

I believe that in his first fight, he will convince himself to see everyone in front of him as the murderer of his mother. This allows him to release his anger.

“The Batman” will be officially released on March 4.

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