‘The Batman’: Fans rave about it, but some questions remain

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There’s no denying that “The Batman” is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and the wonderful combination of acclaimed director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson presents a never-before-seen version of Batman.

The marketing of the film has been done very well, emphasizing that this is a unique evolution of the Batman movies (especially compared to Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” series), and that in the end we see “The Batman” as As advertised as unique, it did not live up to everyone’s expectations.

While it’s now generally agreed that “The Batman” doesn’t surpass the iconic “The Dark Knight,” Reeves’ film is, on its own, an ambitious, daring, and ingenious superhero. Movie.

While the long run and somber undertones aren’t to everyone’s taste, “The Batman” does have a lot to offer for those ready to spend three hours immersing themselves in Gotham City at its most mellow and atmospheric Something worth savoring.

Most importantly, this movie will make most Batman fans very, very happy.

However, no matter how much fans are raving about it, it has to be admitted that “The Batman” has some things that don’t work…  

'The Batman': Fans rave about it, but some questions remain

It’s too long

At 176 minutes, “The Batman” is the longest Batman movie to date, 10 minutes longer than “The Dark Knight Rises‎.”

While the loose length does give Reeves enough creative freedom to move scenes with ease, overall, the film could have been cut a little bit without reluctance.

While three hours went by quickly when I first watched it, it feels a bit overwhelming to ask you to watch it again, especially for viewers who are no longer fascinated by the film.

In any case, at least thanks to Warner Bros. for allowing Reeves to play with such a loose length, but obviously, even a few more tweaks in the editing will not go wrong.

'The Batman': Fans rave about it, but some questions remain

Batman: Age of Emo?

Bruce Wayne and the Batman franchise have always been tragic.

Especially when one thinks of what young Bruce went through as a child, negative emotions naturally follow; whether in comics, cartoons, games, or TV or movies, no one can fail to notice his depressed side.

But the first 30 minutes of “The Batman” being too indulgent might be uncomfortable for some.

The film opens with a conspicuous lack of exciting action, instead focusing on Bruce Wayne sullenly muttering to himself into his personal diary.

His negativity fits perfectly in the My Chemical Romance MV.

The scenes are a clear nod to some of the classic graphic novels that shaped Gotham City, but the plot moves a little too slowly for those craving a thrilling action movie.

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The opening scene of “The Batman” doesn’t get you an instant rush, but rather an introspective, depressing emotional overtone.

Still, “The Batman”‘s emo vibe isn’t quite as embarrassing as Spider-Man’s muffled scene in “Spider-Man 3.”

'The Batman': Fans rave about it, but some questions remain

Alfred is a bit marginalized

The first thing to admit is that Andy Serkis, who plays Alfred, is indeed a talented actor.

It’s a pity that in this new Batman movie, his outstanding performance is not enough to impress the butler.

The problem isn’t with Serkis, it’s clear that Matt Reeves plans to flesh out the character in subsequent sequels and doesn’t give him enough time to build the character in this film.

While Alfred in this film isn’t nearly as lacking in presence as Jared Leto’s Joker in “Suicide Squad,” Alfred was supposed to play a key role in Bruce Wayne’s ongoing battle against psychological distress.

He’s really the closest person to Batman, but that’s never really shown, and he’s basically reduced to a background role.

We all know that the role of Alfred has a lot of room to play, so we don’t understand, since the focus of this story is to explore Wayne’s serious self-doubt and anger, and since Serkis, who is a good actor, was chosen to play this role, why? And made him the most boring character in the entire movie?

'The Batman': Fans rave about it, but some questions remain

Sequel Easter Eggs Will Divide

It’s no secret that Matt Reeves shot the film to create a wider Batman universe for the “The Batman” trilogy and the HBO Max spinoff.

The Easter egg at the end of the film clearly sets the stage for where the sequel is headed, and that hint is likely to divide Batman fans.

For a film that upended many of the traditional ideas of Batman movies, it’s a shame to see at the end that we’ll see more familiar Batman elements in the sequel.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Reeves will actually go in this direction, but the final climactic scene, which clearly hints at what we’re going to see in the next movie, almost as if it was deliberately set by the studio, does give a sense of a superfluous feeling.

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