Superman Won’t Return in ‘Black Adam’, But Sooner or later in the DC Universe

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In this San Diego International Comic-Con, many DC fans are looking forward to Henry Cavill will appear to announce the re-play of Superman (before there have been rumors will return), in fact, he did not appear.

Johnson said in answer to the question of whether Black Adam can beat Superman, this is already a cliché, they are very close, to say who can win depends entirely on who will play Superman.

This also seems to indicate that the role of Superman does not seem to have been determined.

Superman Won't Return in 'Black Adam', But Sooner or later in the DC Universe | FMV6

The director also said that neither Shazam nor Superman will appear in the movie, saying, “Our movie is an original story, and when it’s over Black Adam won’t even know who Superman and Shazam are.”

Nevertheless, Johnson still has hinted that Superman will return to the DC universe sooner or later, even if it is replaced by other actors to play.

When asked about the real meaning of the DC universe’s “power level” will change, Johnson said there is no one else but Superman.

Superman Won't Return in 'Black Adam', But Sooner or later in the DC Universe | FMV6

“Sitting at the top of the DC universe is Superman, and Black Adam is the one scratching his back.”

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