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Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe “God of Trick”.

“I, Loki, Prince Asgard, son of Odin, king of Jotunheim, god of mischief.”

In “Avengers3”, Loki, who played 3 minutes and 15 seconds, summed up his life before he died.

Later, Thanos was smashed to death in front of Thor, “This time he will not be resurrected again.”

Known as the “God of Trick” and likes to prank, Loki always wore the hat of a villain in the MCU, but always swayed back and forth between good and evil, good and evil.

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He can use Thanos to invade the earth, and his desire to conquer is overwhelming. He is also willing to give up the infinite gems and sacrifice himself for his brother Thor.

Loki, with his varied physique, is actually a very tragic character. With the blood of the orthodox gods and peerless appearance, his popularity is not even worse than those of the positive heroes in the “Reunion”.

Sometimes even grabbing the light of the protagonist, he is the most popular villain or anti-hero character in the Marvel Universe, and has been “resurrected” many times as a result.

The upcoming episode of “Loki” on Disney+, Loki is “resurrected” again.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

The story follows the whereabouts of Loki after stealing space gems in “Avengers 4” in 2019. Loki in the main timeline has been killed by Thanos in “Avengers 3”.

Loki in the series traveled back from the time of the first “Avengers” in 2012. It is Loki’s “parallel universe” version.

Since Marvel’s “Wanda Vision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” launched by Marvel in the first half of the year are more controversial, it is not as amazing as expected.

The new drama “Loki” also makes people have to be cautious and conservative.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

However, it is reported that after watching the first two episodes of “Loki” by foreign media critics in advance, word-of-mouth on social media has exploded.

At present, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is as high as 96% (55 reviews), and the average MTC score is 73 (21 reviews). The performance is gratifying. I hope this time it will really bring surprises.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

Let’s review the past and present of “God of Prank” Loki.

Why did “Loki” choose to air on Wednesday?

Some ideas of the Marvel universe benefited from ancient Norse mythology.

In Norse mythology, Thor Thor is the son of Odin, and Loki and Odin are righteous brothers.

In this way, Loki and Sol are regarded as uncles and nephews, rather than unrelated brothers in Marvel.

Thursday’s saying comes from the name of Thor, who is a bit like Zeus, using lightning as a weapon.

Wednesday’s teaching principle originated from Odin, who is called Wōden in Germanic mythology.

“Loki” chose to go live on Wednesday, instead of “Wanda Vision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” airing on Friday.

According to Asad Ayaz, the president of Disney’s marketing department, it was because in the Marvel universe, Odin was Loki’s adoptive father, and Loki eventually accepted his identity as the son of Odin.

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In order to express this meaning, the show is scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday.

Loki has many nicknames in Norse mythology, such as cunning man, treacherous god, deformer, liar, etc., which shows that he is a god with rich personality.

The changeable personality of tricks, cunning, and pranks continues in Marvel, and the identity of the descendants of the Frost Giant is consistent with the myth.

However, the mythical goddess of death, Hela, is Loki’s daughter, and in the Marvel movie, it was changed to Odin’s eldest daughter.

As a controversial wayward god, Loki brought hope and weapons to the gods.

The eternal spear and the golden ring were given to Odin, the god ship and the golden wild boar were offered to Frey, and Thor’s hammer was also brought to Thor, but it also caused the dusk of the gods.

In the Marvel Universe, Loki is not a murderous character, but more trying to prove his worth to Odin.

Fighting for the love of the father, but not seeking approval but not the law, eventually became a sad figure with a dark black color.

The past and present of “Rocky” in MCU

In 2011’s “Thor”, Loki made his first appearance in the Marvel Universe film and television works.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

The setting of both righteous and evil and anti-hero once overshadowed Thor, the god of thunder with golden hair and blue eyes (red hair and red beard in Norse mythology).

In “Avengers 1”, Loki has become the main villain, obtaining the universe cube for Thanos and wanting to conquer the earth.

He and the army he brought with him nearly destroyed New York. He was also crushed by the Hulk, eventually defeated by the Avengers, and brought back to Asgard by Brother Hammer.

In “Thor 2” in 2013, Loki would not appear in the film originally, and the spicy chicken shreds Malekith and the dark elves are the key points.

However, due to Loki’s popularity in the first part of “Avengers”, the script was rewritten to highlight his position, and Loki once again turned his back on the subject.

In “Avengers 2”, Loki originally appeared in Thor’s doomsday illusion, but when it was finally released, the glimpse of the scene was cut.

Two years later, “Thor 3” is the best in the current “Thor” series.

Although Loki’s role in the film has been reduced, the charm of this role has not diminished, and the film also spent a lot of time to show the relationship between Loki and Thor brothers.

Regarding the end of the film, in another draft that was not adopted, another escape route for Loki was set.

After taking the space gem from Asgard, he did not board Thor’s spacecraft to avoid Thanos knowing the location of Asgard refugees, but in the end he still could not escape the fate of being killed by Thanos.

As we all know, 10 minutes before the beginning of “Avengers 3”, Loki was broken by Thanos and died.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

Tom Hiddleston also thought that this would be the last time he played this role.

He didn’t know that Loki would return until “Avengers 3” was released for about a month and a half, but he didn’t know how.

In “Avengers 4” we really saw Loki again, but not resurrected.

It was because Iron Man, American Team, Ant-Man, and Hulk traveled back to the timeline of the 2012 New York War.

In the chaos, Jishen ran away while holding the space gem, and he opened a new parallel universe.

The new drama “Loki” continues along this story line.

Tom Hiddleston achieves “Loki” villain C

As one of the most popular villains in the Marvel universe, Loki’s popularity in the original comics is actually not high.

Tom Hiddleston contributed to the success and brilliance of the characters in the movie.

Before starring in “Thor”, Tom Hiddleston worked with director Kenneth Branagh on the TV series “Wallander”.

Later, he was invited by the director to audition for the role of “Thor”. Tom Hiddleston spent 6 weeks working out. He gained 20 pounds, his muscles increased by 25%, and his fat dropped to 7%.

But unfortunately, He met Chris Hemsworth, a strong man of 1.9 meters, but he also appeared in Loki by accident and became a dark horse.

Loki at 1.88 meters and Thor at 1.9 meters

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

At that time, there were many competitors for the role of Loki, and even comedian Kim Carrey was a candidate for Loki.

The director hopes that Loki will have a skinny feeling of malnutrition. In order to build a good role, Tom Hiddleston has to lose weight again. It can only be said that the muscles have just been trained for nothing.

In order to play Loki well, Tom Hiddleston referred to the performance of three actors:
Mysterious and reckless Peter Otto,
Impatient half-crazy Jack Nicholson,
Clint Eastwood, an angry “Eastwood” at any time.

In the end, Tom Hiddleston portrayed Loki’s gloomy temperament, clever and cunning conspiracy, and the complex image of justice and evil in one.

Let this character’s charm value greatly increase, playing the role and achieving himself.

It is worth mentioning that Matt Damon once made a cameo appearance of “Loki” in “Thor 3”, as a small easter egg to surprise the audience.

Loki: A villain’s self-cultivation, Tom Hiddleston made the Marvel universe "God of Trick".

But it also highlights the thin-faced Tom Hiddleston, which is more suitable for the image of Loki, the handsome god of tricks. After being blessed, the “stay cute” has become Loki 2.0 version.

Of course, in addition to excellent acting skills, Tom Hiddleston in real life, height 1.88, Cambridge University, can speak seven languages, full of magnetic British voice and gentlemanly demeanor and other high-value, good quality, is also a role. Plus points, gained the goodwill of many fans.

Therefore, from the beginning, the villain, who was pulling back and forth between good and evil, gradually turned to a positive image and forced a whitewash in his later appearances.

It also fought against other villains with the Avengers, as well as resurrected several times and increased the role of the scene. These are all market strains that Marvel has made to cater to the tastes and voices of the audience.

The launch of the new drama “Loki” is obviously inseparable from the popularity of Tom Hiddleston.

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