Joe Russo reveals ‘Extraction 2’ details

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Joe Russo, who wrote the script for Extraction 2, said in an interview that the film will be “worlds apart” from Extraction. Whether it’s the story, the pace, the texture, or the tone, it’s all different.

Therefore, it will be a “brand new film”.

Joe Russo reveals 'Extraction 2' details | FMV6

It’s going to be very different from ‘Extraction,'” Joe Russo said. So, it’s a new film, it has a different tone, it takes place in a different location, it has a different pace, and the film has a different texture. And that means we need a different way of writing the story, so that the plot comes more unexpectedly. As a result, you see a very different film. We’re very excited about this, and the film is very well made, and Hemsworth’s performance is very good. We’re all looking forward to bringing the film to the audience”.

According to the producer’s plan, ‘Extraction’ will hopefully be made into a universe, Chris Hemsworth in the film as the hero Tyler Rake is a weathered mercenary, in order to survive, Tyler needs to face the violent world full of weapons and drug trafficking.

It is worth mentioning that this film is the Marvel Universe “Captain America” Chris Evans action double Sam Hargrave’s directorial debut, while the writers and producers are Marvel’s great generals, who have created a number of films Russo brothers.

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