Netflix action drama ‘Extraction 2’ starring Chris Hemsworth releases Exclusive First Look


The Netflix action drama ‘Extraction 2’ starring Chris Hemsworth releases a special, exploring the filming process, and following Hemsworth up the mountain and down the sea to play bigger.

In April 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic shut down movie theaters, Extraction offered a welcome distraction.

It was a new action movie at a time when tentpoles had been paused. Netflix touted the film as a hit and quickly greenlit a sequel.

The sequel is still directed by Sam Hargrave, with the Russo brothers serving as writers & producers, and Tyler Rake of “Resurrection” starts a new journey.

Now a first look at the action for Extraction 2 has arrived with a featurette on the new film, which arrives next year.

Among the new stunts and dangerous action teased is landing a helicopter on top of a moving train, as well as an even longer “oner” — a scene that appears to be filmed in one take.

Netflix action drama 'Extraction 2' starring Chris Hemsworth releases Exclusive First Look | FMV6

Extraction 2 hails from Sam Hargrave, the stuntman who made his directorial debut with the first Extraction. Joe and Anthony Russo produce via their AGBO banner.

Joe Russo wrote the script after penning the first film, which starred Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary grieving hte death of his son who finds a chance at redemption.

The fresh look at the film is part of Saturday’s Tudum, the online fan event produced by Netflix.

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