Henry Cavill will appear in the “Black Adam” end credits eggs

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Recently, Dwayne Johnson starred in the new DC comic book adaptation ‘Black Adam’, held the world premiere in Mexico. According to media confirmation and leaked charts, Henry Cavill will make a cameo appearance and wear a classic red and blue battle suit, with a soundtrack created by John Williams.

There are also reports online that Henry Cavill’s Superman will appear at the end of the film and say, “Black Adam, we need to talk”.

Henry Cavill will appear in the "Black Adam" end credits eggs | FMV6

David Faraci broke the news that Henry Cavill was able to return to play Superman in ‘Black Adam’ because Dwayne Johnson asked for it, and he put a lot of pressure on Warner to sign a new contract with Henry Cavill.

The deal is said to include the development of a new Superman movie, all because of Dwayne Johnson’s insistence.

Henry Cavill will appear in the "Black Adam" end credits eggs | FMV6

Henry Cavill’s version of ‘Superman II’ finally has another chance?

‘Black Adam’ will be released in Northern America on October 21.

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