Critics predict ‘Black Adam’ will struggle to make back its cost, and ‘Aquaman’ attention will easily divert its traffic

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New Line cinema predicted a high box office for ‘Black Adam’, which opened at $70 million, and outsiders were bullish on Dwayne Johnson’s film.

Although DC Pictures is not very productive at this stage, although it is acknowledged that the quality of this studio is quite good, ‘The Batman’ is a typical example.

THR’s film critic Pamela Mcclintock gave a different view, saying he didn’t think the series would do well at the box office because the size of theaters is shrinking and the market for streaming platforms is more fragmented.

Pamela Mcclintock predicted that ‘Black Adam’ is difficult to meet the cost, Warner’s expenses for the film is very large, ‘Black Adam’ all kinds of costs add up to 1.3 billion, shooting costs will be 200 million.

Even if the film does well at the box office, Pamela Mcclintock predicts that it will be difficult to meet the cost of the film, followed by Warner’s promotional efforts for ‘Black Adam’, the cost of which will also be difficult to meet through ratings.

Critics predict 'Black Adam' will struggle to make back its cost, and 'Aquaman' attention will easily divert its traffic | FMV6

‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ is another trump card of DC Pictures at this stage, and people are confident about the attention of the film, however Pamela Mcclintock also sings the opposite on top of this work, in this critic’s opinion, the attention of ‘Aquaman’ is easy to divert.

Although DC’s film does not need to be crowded, however, there are similar works coming out in the same period.

The new version of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ has a similar structure to ‘Aquaman’, and Pamela Mcclintock emphasized that most fans are not as obsessed with whether Marvel or DC works, and many are not concerned about the competing mechanics of the two comic book movie giant companies, which has led to a number of ‘ Aquaman’ fans also like ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.

When the two films are released not too far apart, the attention will be easily diverted and it will be difficult for ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ to meet the expectations in terms of box office.

In addition, Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’ is also a superhero series of the same type.

Critics predict 'Black Adam' will struggle to make back its cost, and 'Aquaman' attention will easily divert its traffic | FMV6

Pamela Mcclintock stressed that he felt it was unlikely that ‘Black Adam’ would deliver on its costs, not because he predicted the film would not do well at the box office, but that the film would cost too much.

Even if ‘Black Adam’ hit a number of box office records, the production will be difficult to make back all the costs of the overhead.

Of course, Warner as a large film industry in the epic works above, they will not consider the cost of the box office alone, but word of mouth and influence.

Under the influence of Dwayne Johnson, the opening price of the film is very high, if DC Pictures is ready to run the sequel to ‘Black Adam’, the opening price of the second series is likely to be higher, Warner can rely on the latter series, the cost of the first work to cash back.

Of course, Pamela Mcclintock has not counted the sales of peripheral products of the universe movies, because DC Pictures has not always focused on developing these things, ‘Joker’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ so hot villain series, the peripheral series is actually very little.

Critics predict 'Black Adam' will struggle to make back its cost, and 'Aquaman' attention will easily divert its traffic | FMV6

Marvel in this regard is far ahead of DC Films, ‘X-Men’ in the latter part of several series of box office pull down, however, the Marvel working group in peripheral products a little did not carry, the film’s simulation of mini-props, as well as magazine posters can earn back a lot of costs for the work.

Take the same period of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and ‘The Batman’ put together to evaluate, these two works in terms of quality are controversial, the protagonist is a youth icon, which is also a rare way to walk in the same way above the creation of Marvel and DC.

At a time when both sides had high box office as well as online platform ratings, it was noticed that ‘Spider-Man’ generated significantly more revenue than ‘Batman’, and that was because Marvel was good at developing merchandise around film and TV productions, and Warner was not good at that.

Critics predict 'Black Adam' will struggle to make back its cost, and 'Aquaman' attention will easily divert its traffic | FMV6

By the same token, DC Pictures will not work on ‘Black Adam’ peripheral merchandise.

This shows that Pamela Mcclintock predicted that ‘Black Adam’ would have a hard time meeting its cost, and this prediction comes from the fact that the critic knew that Warner would never develop anything around it.

Hollywood’s commercial era, no matter how high a film’s box office, the era of relying on box office alone to cash in on costs has passed.

Now the large film industry needs to be transformed, Disney is more likely to absorb fresh ideas and business models, while Warner is more old-fashioned, which will also cause almost the same work, the gap between the two studios operating under a large.

After all, ‘Black Adam’ has cashed in on the commercial value from the creative side, but unfortunately Warner didn’t realize the commercial nature of the film, after all, commercial films are also prone to diversion.

Critics predict 'Black Adam' will struggle to make back its cost, and 'Aquaman' attention will easily divert its traffic | FMV6

On the topic of ‘Aquaman’ in terms of attention, Pamela Mcclintock emphasized that most of DC’s work has a strong identity, including the first ‘Aquaman’ series, but that this identity is somewhat reduced in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, which is This is the inertia of major series sequels – unless something like ‘Black Panther’ happens and the main actor dies.

In general, major studios are dependent on the second series to recoup the creative costs of the first, and ‘Aquaman’ is no exception.

Since the special nature of this work has been reduced, there are also many homogeneous works in the same period, plus Pamela Mcclintock also admitted that Marvel is more promotional than DC, and the Disney Channel has more attention.

So this critic said that the attention of ‘Aquaman’ is easily diverted.

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