Four highlights of “Death on the Nile” revealed

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The classic suspense masterpiece “Death on the Nile” has been released in North America on February 11, 2022.

“Death on the Nile” is back with an elite cast of “Murder on the Orient Express” by Oscar-nominated director Kenneth Branagh to recreate the Egyptian scene.

Four highlights of "Death on the Nile" revealed

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot leads an all-star cast to perform, and the classic story of “Queen of Reasoning” Agatha Christie returns to the big screen.

The film has both suspenseful reasoning and a deeper dissection of human nature… There are many things to watch.

After the film’s overseas word of mouth was lifted, it was regarded by film critics as “a must-see suspense and reasoning masterpiece of the year”, an Agatha-style travel that must be immersed and enjoyed on the big screen.

Highlight 1: Wonder Woman leads the All-Star Mystery

Like its predecessor “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Death on the Nile” is also a group drama with many charismatic characters.

This time, it was led by Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. The show was full of sparks on the stage, and the audience was addicted to the show.

Four highlights of "Death on the Nile" revealed

Gal Gadot devotes a feast of acting skills in this film, tries a new genre, and becomes a billion-dollar heiress with peerless elegance.

Kenneth Branagh plays Poirot a second time as the sharp and witty, who brings a detective’s sharpness and cuteness to life.

Four-time Oscar-nominated Annette Bening played one of the suspects, and the audience was addicted to her superb acting skills.

The new generation such as Rose Leslie of “Game of Thrones” and Emma Mackey, a beautiful French girl, bring more youthful vitality.

Under the deduction of the all-star lineup, the multi-angle romance entangled in love and the suspicious investigation and mystery are doubly exciting, and the intrigue and the frontal “tear” confrontation are even more enjoyable.

A film critic said: “Gadot shines brightly in this film, and the confrontation between Poirot and the whole boat of suspects is even more tense!”

Highlight 2: “Queen of Reasoning” Agatha’s Classic Reappearance

“Death on the Nile” is based on Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name.

Agatha is not only the master of detective novels who was awarded the title of “Queen of Reasoning” by the Queen of England, but also the best-selling author in human history certified by Guinness.

His works have sold over 2 billion copies and have been translated into hundreds of languages.

Four highlights of "Death on the Nile" revealed

The image of detective Poirot created by her is as famous as Holmes, which has swept the world for a hundred years and is loved by readers around the world.

The influence of Agatha’s works breaks through the category of literature. A large number of classic works have been adapted into film and television versions for many times, all of which are sensational.

The original “Death on the Nile” is a classic among the Agatha classics, “satisfying all the fantasies of the reader about mystery fiction”.

In the movie, the classic original work and the excellent adaptation are dually blessed, and the crime mystery woven by the movie is suspenseful and reversal.

In addition, the film focuses more on uncovering the complex and erratic truth about human nature and destiny, and no character is completely innocent or heinous.

As the director explained: “The depiction of human nature in the original book is the treasure of film creators, and it is also one of the reasons why Agatha’s works are so popular. She is not only good at creating puzzles, but also good at describing real human nature.”

Highlight 3: Oscar-level director personally sculpted

Like its predecessor “Murder on the Orient Express”, Oscar-nominated director Kenneth Branagh once again challenged Agatha’s masterpiece, directing himself and starring again as Poirot.

Branagh not only accurately restores the Poirot in the original book in appearance, but also impresses the audience with his master-level acting skills.

Four highlights of "Death on the Nile" revealed

Poirot, performed by him, switches easily between humor, wit and old-fashioned, and every scene is a wonderful show!

In addition, Branagh is not only a Shakespeare master who has been well-known in the theater industry for decades, but also an all-around filmmaker who has won seven Oscar nominations for acting, directing, and screenwriting.

This year, he was nominated for 3 Oscars, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. He is the “Dinghaishenzhen” to ensure the quality of the film, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Highlight 4: The ultimate audio-visual tour takes the audience to Egypt

Released in 2017, “Murder on the Orient Express” was well received by book and movie fans alike.

This time, all the original cast members have returned. After truly presenting the luxury train journey across Europe, once again, with richer experience and more extreme investment, it restores the floating light of the upper class society in the 1930s, and creates a game that is better than its predecessors. Visual wonder.

Four highlights of "Death on the Nile" revealed

In the film, everything from the majestic beauty of Egypt in the long shot to the small pieces of furnishings and jewelry, from the ancient temple pyramids to the extravagant cruise ships that symbolize the achievements of modern human beings, are all exquisite and full of exquisiteness. Captivating details that stand the test of the big screen.

The production team used real-life shooting as much as possible, and built a large number of realistic sets for this purpose, which is even more shocking and eye-catching to reproduce the world-famous Abu Simbel Temple and its four huge statues.

The newly joined Oscar-level costume design team has handcrafted about 150 sets of gorgeous costumes for the actors. The costumes not only perfectly integrate elements such as luxury, classical and sexy, but also add a distinct sense of modernity and fashion to the sense of age. .

They turn the film into a glamorous fashion show, the most beautiful experience.

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