Emotional finale ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ poked my groove with dinosaurs

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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Spoilers inside! There are spoilers inside!

“I thought that it would be a fair duel of three dinosaurs, but I never thought that they would work together to bully me. I had heard before that they were somewhat related, and I didn’t think they looked alike and didn’t believe the story, but now I see it should be true. It’s insidious, too insidious! This is not fair, I demand a rematch!”

The above is the cry of the wounded soul of Giganotosaurus carolini, who makes his first appearance in the series as the BOSS of this work.


As the conclusion to the new trilogy, the story of ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ as a whole is nothing new: four years after the release of the dinosaurs in its predecessor, though far from harmonious, the dinosaurs have indeed become part of the world.

At this time, two events happened that made the main group of the ‘Jurassic World’ trilogy and the main group of the first generation of ‘Jurassic Park’ embark on a journey to a company called ‘Biosyn Genetics’ at the same time.

One is Owen and Claire’s daughter Maisie and Blue’s daughter Beta were taken away together, after some twists and turns finally know to be sent to the biotechnology company; the second is added to the Cretaceous genes of the giant locusts triggered a horrible locust plague that may “destroy the world”.


The giant locusts in this work, the play can be said to be quite enough

And after this, with the main character aura of protection of the six people all the way to the help of noble people, to turn good luck, and finally “no injury” through the level, to save Maisie and Beta.

They solved the locust plague, and incidentally, by some metaphysical power, made the dinosaurs somehow suddenly and perfectly integrated into the modern Earth biosphere.

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The plot of this, I do not intend to elaborate here. On the one hand, because spoilers are shameful, even if there is no way to have to spoilers, but also as little as possible. On the other hand, the plot is really too “popcorn”, there is nothing worth saying in detail about the unique features.

The only thing worth mentioning is probably to get the three old faces of ‘Jurassic Park’ to help the scene. The reason for this wave of linkage is probably to allow fans to see the true meaning of the ‘Jurassic’ series “reunion” it.


The old and new protagonists come together, and the main theme of “reunion” can be clearly revealed.

However, perhaps the nostalgia brought about by this nostalgia is too strong, about the core of the series “dinosaur” elements, the film appeared in a number of things against the direction of development or “a serious nonsense” content.

And coincidentally, at the end of last month, the BBC’s latest dinosaur film ‘Prehistoric Planet’ just finished screening on Apple TV.

Compared to ‘Prehistoric Planet’ in many rigorous science, dry full of dinosaur recovery and related content, ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ in some of the content appears to be particularly incongruous.


If you are a dinosaur lover, ‘Prehistoric Planet’ is definitely a documentary not to be missed this year.

If you are a paleontology enthusiast like me and have enjoyed this wonderful 5-part documentary, it may be hard to resist the urge to gag in the face of the dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’.

And that’s what I really want to talk about – yes, not light enough for me to be ready to spill the beans right now.

Not long after the beginning of the film, the old face of the series, Velociraptor “Blue” and her asexual orphan breeding “daughter” Beta came out.


It is still the same big lizard shape inherited from the first generation of ‘Jurassic Park’ – now we know that Velociraptor, whose scientific name is Velociraptor, and the actual prototype of Velociraptor in the ‘Jurassic’ series –D. antirrhopus, both were feathered dinosaurs.

However, this is not really a big problem, after all, in the beginning of the setting, Blue’s genes are added to the components of the giant lizard, look more like a lizard can be self-consistent.


As a comparison, let’s take a look at the recovery of the undefined species “Velociraptor” from ‘Prehistoric Planet’.

But the problem is that the producers actually forgot to make ear holes for them. This also means that in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’, Blue and her daughter are both deaf.

This can be a little embarrassing, after all, as a director personally down to the field and boast a “scientific” dinosaur blockbuster, such a degree of omission is really some low.


For comparison, why are the ear holes clearly visible in the pre-2001 ‘Jurassic Park III’, but missing in the 2022 ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’?

And when I saw this, deep inside me I already began to have an ominous feeling about all the things that would unfold afterwards.

As it turns out, this well-founded hunch is usually quite accurate – the few dinosaur guests who appear afterwards with more drama can be said to be more outrageous than one another.

The first is the largest flying animal discovered by mankind – Quetzalcoatlus. in the film set up clearly said that it did not carry out any genetic modification, it can actually catch up with the plane by virtue of flesh and blood, and then like dismantling toys three or two to make it completely disfigured and crashed.


To be honest, I almost laughed out loud in the movie theater when I saw this.

And not to mention the body structure of Quetzalcoatlus, in the end, can do mouth tearing aircraft like paper, first of all, this speed.

Without knowing the specific parameters and model of the aircraft in the film, the minimum 700km for non-helicopter

To put it bluntly, if Quetzalcoatlus can catch up with the plane, then in the ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ this dinosaur-filled worldview, air crashes will not be seen every day?

Again, the prevailing fossil research on Quetzalcoatlus is that they were “air-to-ground” predators that fed mainly on small dinosaurs, dinosaur chicks, and carcasses on land.

In other words, Quetzalcoatlus should not have the tradition of fighting in the sky. Such a point of view is very reasonable in my opinion, after all, dragging 11 meters + wingspan and 250 kg of weight, they are definitely not flexible in flight, want to put on a prehistoric machine battle in the air, I am afraid that will inevitably be a bit too much power.


The prevailing view has been that Quetzalcoatlus is an “air-to-ground” predator.

Immediately after that, Therizinosaurus in a sweater made its appearance. Although in appearance appears to be a lot of science, but it is limited to this.

As soon as it came up, Therizinosaurus showed the audience its attack power – killing an innocent deer with a slap. This operation makes me wonder if the director is an ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ player.

After all, other than that, I really can’t think of any reason to set a purely vegetarian dinosaur so grumpy.

Moreover, look at Therizinosaurus this bipedal mode of action and giraffe-like slender neck, with a height of 6 meters, think also know that its main “menu” must be to have a certain height of the branches and fruits of trees.

So, a four feet on the ground, shoulder height of less than 1 meter, like to nibble grass, or eat a little short tree bark shoots of the deer, in the end where to get it?

Habit set the problem for the time being, the film Therizinosaurus which is obviously used as a weapon “scythe claw”, also seems a bit awkward.

In numerous studies in recent years, paleontologists, after a more comprehensive scientific recovery of Therizinosaurus, have concluded that these extra-long claws are actually more likely to be dinner forks than machetes, based on the sharpness, strength and arm structure of their finger claws.

The main role of their claws is to pull high branches, or insert food rather than defense or fighting, and even if the last resort to defend themselves, the main use is most likely to “bluff” intimidation rather than rushing up to start cutting.

This is even highlighted in ‘Prehistoric Planet’.


And in such a clear wind direction, ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ is actually blatantly against the direction of things, with the director’s “more scientific”, “absorbing the results of the last thirty years of research” and such statements, let One can’t help but wonder if he’s just being shady himself.

Probably from the previous “frog genes”, ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ in the dinosaurs can finally wear “clothes”.

In addition to Therizinosaurus, there is a new face that is more “dressed” and more “chic”, and that is Pyroraptor olympiu.


This rather strange style of hair, I will not spit, after all, is a movie, exaggerated shape point in a sense is also an advantage.

However, in such an icy environment, cloaked in such a thick feather appearance, the director let it a slam into the water, but also swim as if a live fish, it can be said that people are completely baffled.


First, the current fossil studies of Pyroraptor olympiu do not contain any evidence that it was a good swimmer.

Secondly, even if all its relatives of Dromaeosauridae are pulled out, the ones with the best water quality are only at the level of ducks and geese.

To have an underwater body like the movie almost finished the penguin seals, is never possible.

If you think these dinosaur guests above are still relatively marginal raw faces, there are slots that are barely acceptable.

Then the next news can be more weighty – as the boss of this work Giganotosaurus carolini, the body of the groove even more.

The first is that the Mohican-like neural spines, which I don’t know if the director added for good recognition, have never been found in any fossil evidence of Giganotosaurus carolini, but are quite common in Acrocanthosaurus.


Giganotosaurus carolini in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’


Acrocanthosaurus model

Not only that, the teeth of Giganotosaurus carolini in the film are also very far from the Carcharodontosauridae to which they belong. Sharktooth Dragon as the name implies can also be seen teeth must look like sharks, and the reality is indeed, Carcharodontosauridae dinosaurs teeth are generally thin and sharp, shaped like a dagger.

Well, look at the ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Giganotosaurus carolini this thick and thick cone-shaped teeth – can not be said to be very similar, only to say that it is irrelevant.


Realistic fossil teeth of Carcharodontosauridae


The teeth of Giganotosaurus carolini in the film

This is not finished, it seems to be in order to benchmark tyranny, the director gave Giganotosaurus carolini put on a thick layer of crocodile skin, used to stack armor and improve defense.

But the problem is that Indominus Rex is a real product of genetic modification, and you Giganotosaurus carolini is claiming to be a “purebred”, so it is reasonable to wear the skin of a crocodile instead of your own dinosaur.

After spitting so much, the next biggest point is just about to shine. At the end of the film, Giganotosaurus carolini and Tyrannosaurus are really narrowly met.

I thought it should have been the main character, but played most of the movie sauce of the two heavyweight dinosaur players finally to offer the audience a wonderful battle, but did not expect to wait for only Giganotosaurus carolini a one-sided crushing.

That’s right, from moving its mouth to being stepped on, Tyrannosaurus didn’t even break the defense of Giganotosaurus carolini.

Such a fight arrangement, not only let people look tasteless, but also let the whole story of the world view completely collapse.


You know, even the paleontologists who like to blow Giganotosaurus carolini but not Tyrannosaurus, at most, will only say that Giganotosaurus carolini has a slight advantage over Tyrannosaurus, and the mainstream opinion is that Tyrannosaurus remains the pinnacle of terrestrial carnivorous dinosaurs.

And to the ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’, in the complete absence of genetic magic worldview settings, Tyrannosaurus actually reduced to this to Giganotosaurus carolini shoes do not match the situation.

And more bullshit development is still behind, see TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus has not moved, Giganotosaurus carolini and in the protagonist group of “push” under, and the previous appearance of Therizinosaurus The main group of Giganotosaurus carolini, with the help of the protagonists, and Therizinosaurus, which had appeared before, had a fight.

I did not expect that Tyrannosaurus can not fight, when the sandbag is quite good, actually did not die, but also stood up.

This is an interesting scene, three dinosaurs against each other, a melee seems to be about to start.


However, it was too late, perhaps because they felt that Tyrannosaurus was their own defeated, not enough to fear, Giganotosaurus carolini ignored Tyrannosaurus to get Therizinosaurus first.

This is what Tyrannosaurus wanted, only to see her roar, and then a bull rush, holding Giganotosaurus carolini’s neck and rammed into Therizinosaurus, and Therizinosaurus is aware of the understanding, the paws up so, and sent the unbeatable Giganotosaurus carolini went to God.


The look on my face when I saw this was something like


I can’t figure out how two a meat-eating and a grass-eating, no intersection, and even if there may only be a conflict of dinosaurs, is how to make a decision between the lightning and play such a wave of tacit cooperation.

Come to think of it, there may be only one explanation: In that ancient period when they were weak and helpless and could only be obedient, the Therizinosaurus family and the Tyrannosaurus superfamily shared the same ancestor, the small Coelophysis, and this made Therizinosaurus and TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus faced with a strong enemy Giganotosaurus carolini, suddenly awakened some kind of bond from the blood.

However, the spit is spit, if you ask me to push not recommend to go to the cinema to see this ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’, then I will choose to recommend.

After all, as ‘Jurassic Park’ plus ‘Jurassic World’ the end of this 6-part series, it is quite necessary to have a beginning and an end.

And ‘Jurassic Park’ in the return of the three familiar old faces, coupled with the endless variety of sentimental tribute in the film, will be able to evoke all kinds of memories of the old fans of the series.


As for the film itself, that Atrociraptor and the ‘Jurassic World’ protagonist group of the market chase scene is also quite a highlight, and even a bit of Hollywood spy films or police films exciting sense, with the dinosaur elements, quite a unique flavor.

In addition, the dinosaurs bring a variety of quite a sense of thrill and visual impact of the scene can also be quite a degree to meet your visual experience.

The scene on the promotional poster is still quite exciting, saying that it is the pinnacle of the film is not too much.

In short, relax, don’t overthink it, treat it as a “dinosaur” cloak monster cool movie to see, ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ can still be in this summer, for all small and large friends to provide more than two hours of fun time.

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