Brian Davies: “Peacemaker” has Marvel’s style, “Watchmen” needs to improve coherence

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The trailer for “Peacemaker” is out, the work is a spin-off series of “Suicide Squad”, and the outside world has high expectations for it.

Hollywood film critic Brian Davies said: “‘Peacemaker’ has a Marvel flavor, the character is a DC hero, and James Gunn borrows Marvel’s creative methods.”

The original name of “Peacemaker” is Christopher Smith, and the character has a Marvel color in the comics field.

After this series has become a film and television series, it is normal for the work to have a Marvel flavor.

Christopher Smith’s prototype is Comedian, the villain of “Watchmen”, and many fans have called on DC studios to shoot a sequel to “Watchmen”.

Brian Davies: "Peacemaker" has Marvel's style, "Watchmen" needs to improve coherence

Because people still want to see Zack Snyder’s work.

Davies also commented on the series: “Watchmen” needs to improve the coherence before the sequel to the series is worth seeing.

Nielsen conducted a survey of HBO users. Which sequel to the classic series do fans want Warner to release?

“Watchmen” topped the list of votes, although this is only a relatively one-sided survey, but this result is enough to show that DC fans love “Watchmen”, and Zack Snyder’s popularity among the audience is high.

Why this popular series has not been taken seriously by Warner, after all, the veteran film company has encountered many difficulties in launching the creation of the “Watchmen” sequel.

In addition to the different styles of Marvel and DC (the Marvel team likes to “eat the money” on classic series, and DC studios don’t like to reuse classics), Davies feels that “Watchmen” is not coherent enough.

Brian Davies: "Peacemaker" has Marvel's style, "Watchmen" needs to improve coherence

While the story isn’t over yet, it’s hard to see a sequel without the coherence.

Looking at DC’s longer series, “Batman” or “Suicide Squad” has improved the coherence in the second or third series, and only has repeated sequels, spin-off series and single movies. appearance.

“Justice League” was a bit of a “pull” in Joss Whedon’s era, and Zack Snyder’s return won’t save the series.

Of course, Davies said that other aspects of “Watchmen” are good, but the coherence needs to be improved.

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In the “Peacemaker” spin-off series, Davies believes that the Marvel flavor is mainly reflected in – this work is prepared for the era of streaming media.

The Marvel team temporarily adjusted its plans in Phase 4 because of the sudden emergence of a global pandemic that required audiences to move from theaters to online platforms.

Brian Davies: "Peacemaker" has Marvel's style, "Watchmen" needs to improve coherence

At that time, Kevin Feige said that this is an opportunity for the development of the Disney Channel and the Hulu platform.

The management of Warner Bros. also anticipated the coming of the streaming media era, but the film industry did not do it thoroughly enough, or the director’s thinking still occupied the mainstream, and “Tenet” was forced to premiere in theaters.

Of course, Nolan’s works are special. Among other film and television works, everyone found that Warner still shoots works in the theater mode.

The sequels to “Aquaman” and “Shazam!” were written during a special period, including some cuts in funding.

However, the two sequels are still shot according to cinema standards, and when they are released, there may be a feeling of “not worth the loss”.

The Marvel team was quick to change their minds, after all, Disney is an established film industry that judges the situation.

Brian Davies: "Peacemaker" has Marvel's style, "Watchmen" needs to improve coherence

When the MCU working group decided to let Wanda Vision lead the way in Phase 4, it was known that they were focusing on developing a streaming platform.

When the preview of “Peacemaker” came out, Davies said that the audience didn’t see gorgeous special effects (of course, the visual effects of the feature film may be better), and there were no figurative creative methods.

But everyone can already see the general episode structure from the trailer, which is the flavor of Marvel.

Judging by the title, those unfamiliar with the DC superhero franchise might think “Peacemaker” is a good example.

In fact, the prototype of the character is the villain, and the feature film “Suicide Squad” is also a work with a large collection of villains.

This kind of work that takes the name of a decent hero and shoots a villain hero is also what Marvel likes to do.

So Davies believes that “Peacemaker” has the flavor of Marvel, at least the first film has shown this flavor.

Davies emphasized one point, although the major film companies are now paying great attention to the ideas of fans.

Brian Davies: "Peacemaker" has Marvel's style, "Watchmen" needs to improve coherence

DC has also set up a homepage specially for movie fans, and “The Dark Knight” also holds offline communication activities every year.

These are great examples of how DC Studios listened to their audiences.

But under normal circumstances, Warner management does not act according to the ideas of fans, and “Watchmen” is one such embodiment.

Although everyone hopes that Zack Snyder’s work will have a sequel as soon as possible, due to the lack of coherence of the film, it may be difficult to launch even a prequel.

So Davies believes that “Watchmen” needs to improve the coherence, and there can be more spin-off series or sequels.

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