“Peacemaker” Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

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Entering January, there is always a little drama shortage. However, there are still some popular new dramas to watch. For example, a spoof superhero drama was just launched yesterday, and that is DC’s superhero drama “Peacemaker”.

If you have followed a DC superhero movie “The Suicide Squad” last year, you should have an impression of this Peacemaker.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

In that movie, John Cena’s Peacemaker is actually a villain (of course, this is a movie with a villain as the protagonist), or you can call it: the villain of villains.

In the movie, the impression of Peacemaker is mainly that he is strong and not very good at the same time (stupid and funny).

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He’s bad but funny.

The drama version of “Peacemaker” this time is a single-player spin-off with Peacemaker in the movie version as the protagonist. The background of the story is after the timeline of the movie.

In terms of lineup, “Peacemaker” also basically continued the original cast of the movie, with John Cena still playing the leading role of Peacemaker.

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And the director of the film version, James Gunn, this time also has several roles, he became the director, screenwriter and producer of the TV series version of “Peacemaker”.

This also ensures that “Peacemaker” can be in the same vein as last year’s “The Suicide Squad” in style.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

Yes, “Peacemaker” still maintains: blood, heavy mouth, bad taste, no shame and all kinds of super mouthpieces.

If you are a viewer who likes James Gunn’s yellow violent style. Well, this drama might have an appetite for you.

Because the scale is basically the continuation of the previous movie version.

In fact, this anti-hero type of superhero drama has also been launched several times in the past two years.

The most impressive one is probably “The Boys”. Fans are still waiting for the third season.

Or last year’s animated series “Invincible” is not bad.

Of course, “Peacemaker” is also an antihero superhero drama, but it’s not exactly the same as the two shows mentioned above.

After all, his producer is James Gunn, director of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, a man who likes to mess around.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

In fact, “Peacemaker” is also a label full of James Gunn’s works. In addition to heavy tastes, mouth guns and bad tastes, there are also various unscrupulous jokes and jokes.

Or, this is also the reason why so many important characters in Task Force X did not start single-player dramas, but instead made Peacemaker a single-player spin-off.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

In this drama, Peacemaker has become a funny guy, a strong guy with a low IQ who is stupid enough to be simple.

In the play, the character of Peacemaker is also used to create a lot of laughs. Many times, you are watching how stupid this muscular man is.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

As mentioned above, this drama continues the story of “The Suicide Squad” in terms of plot.

After being seriously injured, Peacemaker began to accept new tasks, with a new team and a new partner.

They will continue to do the dirty work for the government against new enemies.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

At the same time, “Peacemaker” also began to try to enter the inner world of Peacemaker to reveal why he became Peacemaker.

What happened to him in the end? These are all questions that this show needs to solve.

In fact, the plot itself is nothing new. It’s probably just a group of hilarious cowards to perform a new task together, basically the routine you can think of.

It’s just that “Peacemaker” can give the audience more stimulation in terms of scale, which can be regarded as a brain hole.

I don’t know what other people think, but at least it’s the first time I’ve seen so many pornographic jokes and heavy-duty jokes in a superhero drama, including all kinds of scenes that are not suitable for children.

No wonder some people complain that “Peacemaker” is a shit superhero, and there is some truth to that.

Because, “Peacemaker” is really not suitable for children at all.

Feel the classification of IMDb:

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

Of course, this kind of nonsense treatment really won’t be liked by everyone. “Peacemaker” is a bit too messy indeed.

Why is this so?

That’s because the Peacemaker in the comics is completely different from the shit and shit Peacemaker in the movies and TV series.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

What we see in the series is a stupid big guy, and he makes all kinds of jokes because of his stupidity and stupidity.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

In the comics, although he is also an anti-hero, he is obviously not an idiot and still has his own dignity.

Moreover, he will become an extreme pacifist with a very cola background.

The character’s problem is also the shadow of his childhood, which was actually influenced by a racist, crazy father. So he will become extreme personality, and even some mental illness.

This also makes his subsequent behavioral logic somewhat extreme.

So, Peacemaker in the comics, although he has mental problems, he is obviously not a shitty idiot.

Even, he is the prototype of Comedian in “Watchmen”.

So, some DC Comics fans are very dissatisfied with the show’s handling of Peacemaker. Because in “Peacemaker”, he’s totally turned into a hilarious buffoon.

Of course, this kind of thing actually depends on everyone’s focus.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

I can understand the anger of the fans at this spoof. However, maybe it’s because I really don’t have as deep a relationship as a manga fan.

So, I also understand the intention of James Gunn’s treatment.

After all, James Gunn has always been a very spoof-loving, unscrupulous fan of bad fun, and he obviously can’t accept serious storytelling.

In the world of his works, there is no duty to follow the original work.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

If you’ve seen his original spoof movie “Super Hero” or those troma movies he was involved in earlier, you’ll know that it’s his nature to fool around.

It’s just that now Marvel and DC have given him a bigger platform to mess around and influence more people. He no longer has to play as much as he did in “Super Hero”.

So, if you are very entangled in the original, then this show may be difficult for you.

However, if you don’t care about the settings of the original comics and just look at this drama as a spoof comedy, as a non-farce to pass the time, this “Peacemaker” is actually quite good.

The evaluation of the foreign platform “Peacemaker” is still very good.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

For example, IMDb 8.2 points. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 92% freshness rating from the media, with a score of 7.3. Popcorn is 85% fresh

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

The evaluation of “Peacemaker” is still very good, which is also a reference for everyone.

“Peacemaker,” a hilarious superhero drama, is a great way to pass the time.

"Peacemaker" Review: Another hilarious superhero solo drama is here!

The show has a total of 8 episodes, and the first three episodes have already been broadcast. If you are interested, you can also take advantage of this weekend to check it out.

There is still a lot of fun.

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