5 Top CG movie, realistic to incredible visual feast of carnival

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A CG movie refers to the film itself being shot in real scenes and mainly performed by real people.

But it is interspersed with videos with a large number of virtual scenes and special effects.

If there is a movie that can satisfy both “real person control” and “anime fans” at the same time, it must be a CG movie.

Top1 “GANTZ:O”

5 Top CG movie, realistic to incredible visual feast of carnival

Adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name, the top CG movie, whether it is from character modeling, action design, to music, is impeccable, and the fighting is even more explosive.

The killing battle of Hyakki Yakou is both bloody, violent and sexy. It is highly recommended.


This game uses a dual protagonist model, Leon and Chris join forces. Faced with a brutal villain and a zombie army, the two are in danger.

The plot is compact, and the performance of each character is very natural. The protagonist is not invincible, the villain is not soy sauce, and Capcom is a work of conscience.

Top3 “Appleseed Alpha”

The film is set in the ruins of the earth after the 5th World War.

It tells the post-war survivor of the special forces, Dunant and his partner Brienos, fighting to the death against the enemy in order to protect their new allies.

Top4 “Alita: Battle Angel”

Dayan Mengmei dominates one party and bravely fights to change the world.

The background of the film is set in the 26th century. It tells the story of a lucky reborn mechanical girl who is in the last days and fights bravely in order to change the world and embarks on a journey to explore the truth.

Hot-blooded cyberfighting + poignant and mechanical romance = beauty contact angel Alita.

The last swing of the knife and tears is so cool, it’s worth seeing.

Top5 “Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV”

The story of the protagonists defending the country against foreign aggression.

Cool magic battles, fierce weapon fights, dreamy crystal barriers, frantic artillery shooting, giant monsters and huge machinery.

The whole scene is spectacular, full of imagination, and stimulates your optic nerves.

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