“The World’s End” Review: The Final Work of “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy”

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“The World’s End” is the last in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. The series is called “The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy”, so the ice cream in the movie is an essential element.

Ice cream is always an important tool for harmonizing the rhythm of the film and bringing easy interludes to the film.

"The World's End" Review: The Final Work of "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy"

All three films in the series have their own genre and ice cream specific, the first “Shaun of the Dead” featuring red strawberry ice cream, a symbol of blood and blood.

The second film “Blue Fury” is represented by blue original ice cream, which symbolizes the ordinary police who have made different deeds, subverting the pattern of previous police and gangster movies.

The final step, “The World’s End”, is an apocalyptic sci-fi movie, even a little crazy, so it is represented by green mint chocolate ice cream, which symbolizes the fantasy style of the movie.

The film revolves around five friends who tried out “Amazing Pub Roaming” as teenagers. Because one of them wanted to participate in a booze marathon, they reunited after many years for another “feat” of the year.

"The World's End" Review: The Final Work of "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy"

Gary King (Simon Pegg), who is overly addicted to alcohol and is not confused at his age, suddenly remembers a proud but unfinished affair of his youth 20 years ago.

So they find good partners who now have their own families and careers: Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine) and Andy Knightley (Nick Frost).

They meet to return to their hometown of Newton Haven, trying to regain the happy hour of 5 people, 12 bars and 60 beers all night.

The town is the same as before, almost nothing has changed, but the people in the town don’t seem to remember these old boys at all.

"The World's End" Review: The Final Work of "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy"

Under the guidance of Gary, everything was relatively normal at first, but when night fell, strange events were staged alternately. Gary and others found that they seemed to have stepped into some kind of supernatural trap unknowingly.

There is a scene in the film that pays homage to Jackie Chan’s kung fu comedy “Drunken Master II”.

The film’s action director Brad Allen was once a member of Jackie Chan’s “JC Stunt Team” and appeared in “Drunken Master III”, “Gorgeous” and other films.

As the last part of the trilogy, “The World’s End” is also full of deep and melancholy farewells.

"The World's End" Review: The Final Work of "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy"

Edgar Wright grew up in Wells, the county seat of Somerset, in the south-west of England, while Simon Pegg is from not far away in Langlostshire.

Although everyone is now famous and established, what they will never lose is the part of being a “small town youth”.

They are curious about the world, daring to subvert the inherent, and always have an expression of wide-eyed amazement at life and the weirdness it has to offer – science fiction, movies, and of course And ice cream.

The success of “Blood and Ice Cream” lies in its crazy subversion of established genre films, while blending the dry humor of British comedy into a quirky and hilarious pattern.

"The World's End" Review: The Final Work of "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy"

The first half hour of the film seems to be completely out of line with sci-fi action movies. Simon’s characters are all unsatisfactory, and even his childhood friends who seek to relive memories have always been rejected.

The film has very rich details to describe the personalities of the five men. In the end, the five people were tricked and dragged together by Simon, and they returned to the town to start their youth. It seems to be an inspirational emotional movie.

But after returning to the town to start the tavern tour, the film started a big turn without warning, and the audience, together with the protagonist, suddenly accelerated into the wild journey of fighting aliens.

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