Swan Song‎ Review: When Love Becomes a Weapon Against Death

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Cloning is no longer a new subject in sci-fi movies, but the difference of “Swan Song‎” is that the movie has neither conclusion nor criticism, it just uses delicate emotional expression to give a farewell story to sci-fi Shape.

Facing the terrible news that is about to die soon, should the beloved family members also fall into great grief, or replace themselves with clones and die alone? Under the dilemma, the movie played an elegy of love.

The background of the movie takes place in the near future. As a feature-length movie produced by Apple TV+, the simple yet exquisite sci-fi aesthetics has become its distinctive style. In this space-time background, from mobile phones to cars, all kinds of high-tech iterative updates.

Swan Song‎ Review: When Love Becomes a Weapon Against Death

Through the story of the happy life of the three family members of the male protagonist Cameron, the sci-fi aesthetic movie caught the audience’s attention at the first time, but in this near-future era, human beings still have terminal illnesses that cannot be cured.

After discovering that he was terminally ill, the male protagonist Cameron chose to hide from his family the fact that he was about to die soon. He didn’t know how to tell the cruel truth to his children, let alone how to heal his beloved. the pain of his wife.

The emergence of the cloning agency allowed Cameron to see another possibility, allowing clones to replace himself, so that he could die with secrets.

But when Cameron really came into contact with cloning technology and saw a clone who was exactly the same as himself appeared in front of him, he was afraid. The fear of being replaced and the loneliness of facing death alone became the film throughout the film. the dramatic tension.

And Ali, who played Cameron, with his natural and sincere acting skills, showed the protagonist’s reluctance for life and his deep love for his family to the fullest.

Swan Song‎ Review: When Love Becomes a Weapon Against Death

It is this pure and beautiful love that makes the film gradually let the audience accept the fact that the protagonist has been replaced by a clone, and fall into the contradiction that the film has created.

From the very beginning, Cameron was worried that clones could not fully replicate himself, to fear that clones could completely replace himself.

In my opinion, the cruelest part of this story is not just the terminal illness, but that the protagonist not only has to see his beloved wife being possessed and powerless by “others”, but also chooses a way to be forgotten by the world to die alone.

Disease can only take away life, but cloning means that everything you have will be replaced, and you only make such a choice because of love.

As a result, “Swan Song‎” has given a new perspective to the traditional cloning theme. The film no longer uses the selfishness and darkness of human nature to discuss human ethics. On the contrary, love in human nature has become the most selfless existence in the film.

Swan Song‎ Review: When Love Becomes a Weapon Against Death

The appearance of cloning technology in the movie makes it possible for a person to say goodbye to the world without having to drag their relatives.

When Cameron’s condition became more and more serious, the pain was unbearable, and he couldn’t worry about his family, he desperately returned to his original home to take a look at his wife and children, but found that the clones who inherited his spiritual thoughts were guarding the happiness of the family as always. Relief is the deepest love for this family.

It is said that the last call of a swan before its death is the most poignant and moving.

And Cameron in “Swan Song‎” is such a swan. He used up the last rays of his life, turned love into a weapon against death, and guarded the originally happy and beautiful family. Selfless love is touching.

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