Morbius: Analysis of the End Easter Egg, who will be the next Spider-Man?

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The following content contains spoilers, please read after watching the movie.

The superhero movie “Mobius” in the Sony Spider-Man universe has finally been released after many delays. Under the charming interpretation of actor Jared Leto, the audience will be introduced to the origin story of “Michael Morbius”, a good and evil anti-hero, and lay out the past subsequent sequels.

Although the final performance of the film was not ideal, there is still a lot of room for improvement, but the end credits of “Mobius” after the subtitles also aroused heated discussions among the audience.

Morbius: Analysis of the End Easter Egg, who will be the next Spider-Man?

“Morbius” plot ending

The plot of “Mobius” mainly describes Dr. “Mobius”, who is dedicated to blood research. In order to treat his congenital diseases, he combines the anti-coagulation factors of vampire bats with his own genes. As a result, he becomes a powerful and fast person. But the villain who can’t stand the bloodthirsty desire.

At the end of “Mobius”, there are also 2 end-credits eggs, which appear familiar characters to the audience and explain the follow-up development of “Sony Spider-Man Universe”.

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Part 1 Ending Egg – Condor

“Mobius” 1st end credit egg, which takes place after the main story has come to an end.

The sky suddenly opened the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” channel that Doctor Strange accidentally opened to other parallel universes.

Morbius: Analysis of the End Easter Egg, who will be the next Spider-Man?

Then the villain “Vulture”, played by Michael Keaton in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, surprised everyone by appearing out of nowhere in an otherwise empty cell.

Since there is no criminal record for him, the police can only release the mysterious man named “Adrian” from prison.

Everyone knows that the character copyright of “Spider-Man” actually belongs to Sony, and the “Spider-Man” trilogy in the Marvel Universe is actually the result of Sony lending the character to Marvel.

Therefore, the main purpose of the “Mobius” easter egg is that Sony wants to open more possibilities for the series through the plot of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

It also allows “Vulture”, the evil villain who originally appeared in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and in Disney’s “Marvel Universe”, to come to the “Sony Spider-Man Universe” dominated by Sony through Doctor Strange’s parallel universe channel.

There is a bit of “this role is mine, and the future development is up to me”.

As for the canon, why was the Vulture teleported from the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” universe?

And why didn’t he return to the original universe after the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” event ended?

I think this should only be explained by “Sony is right” and “They don’t want to use the power of Marvel to make their own sequels”.

2nd Ending Egg – Sinister Six

The “Mobius” second end credit egg continues the previous story development.

Morbius: Analysis of the End Easter Egg, who will be the next Spider-Man?

The protagonist “Michael Morbius” went into seclusion after killing his longtime friend and escaping from the police.

One day in the middle of the night, I drove the car on the wilderness road at night, and finally arrived at a vast open space.

And “Vulture” in the end credits of the previous scene drops from the sky wearing his flying armor to meet Michael.

Vulture said he felt that the strange things he experienced a while ago must be related to “Spiderman” Peter Parker, so he wanted to ask the famous “Mobius” for help.

I hope that these villains who have the same disease and have been abandoned by society can get together with each other and try to work together to do something.

There is no doubt that the purpose of the second ending egg of “Mobius” is to pave the way for the later “Sinister Six” movie.

The “Sinister Six” in the comics is a villain group called “Vulture”, “Maxwell “Max” Dillon”, “Kraven the Hunter”, “Mysterio”, and “Sandman” by “Doctor Octopus” to fight against Spider-Man.

In the movie’s worldview, the only known members of the Sinister Six are “Vulture” and “Mobius”.

Sony also plans to shoot villains such as “Venom 3‎”, “Madame Web”, “Jackpot‎” and “Sinister Six” in the future.

Because Morbius also said that he was Venom in the film, so when they saw it, would they also pull Venom and these villains into the group.

Morbius: Analysis of the End Easter Egg, who will be the next Spider-Man?

Who will play the next new Spider-Man?

Since “Mobius” has channeled through a parallel universe, it is clear that “Mobius” is in a different universe from Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man”.

It just so happens that Tom Holland’s contract is about to expire, so in the second ending of “Mobius”, the vulture said that their goal is to seek revenge on Spider-Man, and people can’t help but wonder about the universe of “Mobius”, which is the next term. Who will take over the role of Spider-Man?

Although Sony has not officially released any news about this, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in March this year, when a media asked Andrew Garfield’s willingness to return to play “Spider-Man”, he answered with reservations: “I will always be It will be the liar who yells that the wolf is coming.”

So in the future, whether it is possible for Sony to retrieve the original “The Amazing Spider-Man” Andrew seems to be full of uncertain variables.

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