Midnight Run‎ Review: A Road Escape Guide

Movie Review

The old movie “Midnight Rush” tells the story of being a bounty hunter after being framed and framed by the underworld leader in a drug case.

This road comedy released in 1988, the male protagonist’s adventure and fun, can be called a “road escape guide”.

Jack, Marvin, the police, and the gang catch Duke together.

Jack was easy to catch people. He was able to tap the phone to find the address, and he quickly got on the plane. As a result, Duke said he was afraid of flying. The captain said that he could not force it, so he took the train instead.

Jack didn’t return on time, and the employer, in a hurry, hired Marvin to catch Duke.

Midnight Run‎ Review: A Road Escape Guide

He clearly gave Jack a 10W commission, and told Marvin that it was the same as you, 2.5W.

It’s easier for Marvin to catch people. After checking Jack’s credit card spending, he found it on the train, and took the hand to freeze the card.

After asking the flight attendant, Jack was successfully found, but Jack pretended to be an FBI agent and called the police and took him away.

Jack took the bus and was stopped by the police when he got off the bus. The gang also rushed to the bus. The two sides exchanged fire. Jack stole the police car and went to his ex-wife’s house to borrow money.

The ex-wife had no money and lent the car to Jack.

Jack looked at the police notes in the police car and realized that they must have tapped the employer’s phone, so he called the employer to send money, and at the same time taunted the police who were tapping.

Midnight Run‎ Review: A Road Escape Guide

He went to the post office to collect the remittance, but was blocked by Marvin and the gangster. Marvin knocked out the gangster. Jack bound himself and Duke with handcuffs, and fought the gangster helicopter with Marvin.

After killing the helicopter, Jack repeated his old tricks to knock out Marvin, and took Duke a hitchhiker to the Indian area.

Jack wanted to steal the civilian plane to escape, but the nonsense of “fear of flying” was self-defeating, and Jack was dragged down immediately.

Jack bought the truck that drove the Indians half and half, and the two had no money to eat, so they had the funniest “let’s check $20”.

Picking up the train and running away, the police stopped at the station again. Stealing the car and running away, throwing off the police, but accidentally stopped Marvin’s hitchhiker.

Marvin was bought by the gang and took Duke away, while Jack was taken away by the police.

It was very funny that Marvin sat on the ground and raised the price to threaten the gangster. He took a photo of Duke holding the newspaper of the day, but accidentally took the hotel towel in, and the bargaining chip disappeared instantly.

On the other hand, Jack and the police team up and plan to convict the gang boss of the crime of destroying evidence with fake tapes.

Marvin threatened to return to the airport without success.

Midnight Run‎ Review: A Road Escape Guide

The forces of the four parties converged, and Marvin’s spoiler interfered with the police’s Wire. Seeing that the gang was about to be silenced, the police remained silent. Jack directly shouted that the tape had changed hands. The police held down the gang in time, and Jack and Duke escaped.

The ending is very sweet, and along the way, Jack and Duke know that each other is a good person.

Jack did not take bribes as a policeman, Duke donated money from gangsters to charity organizations.

In the end, Jack let Duke go, gave him the watch, and let go of his obsession with his ex-wife.

Duke gave Jack the 3W entanglement, which gave him a bigger pay than the commission.

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