‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ Review: A good movie where sci-fi and love are intertwined

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“The Time Traveler’s Wife” is a movie that tells a love story from a special angle. Usually when we are in love with our other half, we are in the same time and space, and the age difference is fixed. He As you grow, you also grow.

Sometimes a pair of lovers who are in love will also wonder, what was the other half around him like when he was a child, is he as cute as he is now, or really want to know what happened to the other half when he was a child, we can only pass way of memory to understand.


Some people may imagine that if there is a time machine, it will go to the time and space they want to explore. This whimsical fantasy is realized in this movie.

Henry, the hero in this play, is a very special existence in this world. Because of the changes in the DNA in his body, he has suffered from chronic spatiotemporal dislocation since he was a child.

Every time he fell ill, he would go to another time and space. At that time, he could not take anything with him, not even the clothes he was wearing.

From his birth to his death at the age of forty-three, he had never been able to control the symptoms of his time-travel, which was a rather embarrassing thing.


Because sometimes when he was talking to someone, he suddenly disappeared, and he himself didn’t know which time and space he wanted to travel to. Sometimes it might be just in time for some violent incidents, which would be more dangerous .

Ultimately, at the age of 43, the last time the space-time dislocation occurred, Bey was killed by a bullet.

Many people think that Henry’s role in this film is just an exposition of his time and space dislocation, and most of his shots are done in time and space.


And what really wants to be caring about in this movie is the girl he fell in love with at first sight in the library and later became his wife.

Henry even traveled back to his wife’s childhood, and Claire saw this man more than once in her childhood and teenage years, so she made up her mind to marry this man at a young age.

This is also reflected in the title of the film, she is the wife of a time traveler.

As a special wife, many couples may not be able to enjoy the daily life that they should have, because Henry does not know when it will disappear.


The short time is a few hours, two days a day, two months a month, and the longest time is as long as two years.

As a life partner, Claire must be helpless about her husband’s special illness, and every time Henry travels through time, all she can do is wait.

In fact, it is difficult for many people to imagine what it would be like when their husbands could not be by their side during many important moments in their lives.

The waiting time is no sign, maybe Henry will suddenly appear at some point, but Claire’s great thing is that she has always believed that her husband will come back.

The climax of the whole film should be when Henry was waiting to die. Henry was only alive for 43 years. He and Claire had spent such a beautiful time. It was really not easy for the two of them to walk along the way.


Sometimes we can feel the feeling that they are desperate and want to leave traces in each other’s lives.

Both of them love life very much, but because they are too special as a couple, they cannot be truly peaceful in the face of death.

Even if we see that the two couples are calm on the surface, maybe neither of them wants to worry about the other.

Although this chronic spatiotemporal dislocation is fictitious, we can also see a perfect representation of this disease from beginning to end.


When their two daughters were in their mother’s womb, they had already started to suffer from chronic spatiotemporal dislocation, which means that this nasty gene caused Claire to miscarry again and again.

But in the end, under their careful protection, they finally had a daughter.

This daughter is a little more advanced than Henry’s disease, the daughter can freely control the time and space of the shuttle, and can keep clothes when traveling through time and space.

So she was able to travel back in time to visit her deceased father.

This kind of very sci-fi thing is impossible to happen in our life, but it gives a very beautiful revelation and meaning to all our lovers in this world.

Remember all the good times when two people are together, and treat every second as a second that cherishes each other more, and don’t regret it when it’s too late to reach out and grab it.


Love not only exists, but also exists in the past, present and future. It exists regardless of space and time. Although sometimes two people are far apart, their hearts are very close.

No matter how wonderful it seems to travel through time and space, but in this story, the uncontrollable time and space travel of the male protagonist has become a difficult problem on the road of love between the two.

Time travel has become a tool to divide time. The male and female protagonists stand at opposite ends of time, looking at each other from afar.

From today’s point of view, this is a slightly old-fashioned story.

The male protagonist feels guilty because of his uncontrollable time travel, while the female protagonist has been waiting for love.

However, their love has always been hot and firm, and even crossed the distance of time and space, making the two hearts hug each other tightly.

'The Time Traveler's Wife' Review: A good movie where sci-fi and love are intertwined

Henry and Claire’s insistence on love is the biggest highlight of this movie.

No matter where and when Henry traveled, he always tried his best to get back to Claire’s side. And Claire insisted on giving birth to a daughter even after suffering multiple miscarriages.

Such unswerving love is indeed precious in today’s real life.

It is really hard to be the one who is still for love in the flowing time.

Therefore, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” uses an almost sci-fi way to show the ups and downs and helplessness in love, so that you and I who watch the movie not only carry Henry’s guilt, but also are moved by Claire’s bravery and persistence.

We’re all Henry, but I hope we’re all Claire too.

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