“Bad Genius”: A wonderful youth film.

Movie Review

“Bad Genius”: The best Thai movie of 17 years. It is a wonderful youth film.

The film is adapted from the real incidents of the sensational SAT Asian exam cheating case in 2014. The SAT is an exam sponsored by the American University Council. Its scores are an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for admissions and scholarships to American universities. It and ACT are both It is called the American College Entrance Examination.

Therefore, “Bad Genius” is a movie that can resonate with all those who have gone through the exam. Everyone who has experienced the student days will “feel the same.”

However, unlike previous campus-based movies, the Thai film “Bad Genius” combines the dual elements of spy war suspense and comedy, using spy war suspense to narrate seemingly ordinary cheating events, and film the cheating scene. The feeling of a suspense film, the dangerous cheating process has the feeling of “stealing treasure” in films such as “Mission Impossible” and “007”.

Unexpectedly, Thais can shoot students cheating in exams so awesome, so burning, so passionate, so excited that people want to applaud!

Although it is a youth movie, the whole rhythm of the movie is indeed more like a spy movie or an action movie. This is the setting of Grand Theft Auto.

It’s been a long time since I saw a “small and fresh” campus-themed movie as exciting as “Bad Genius”. Cheating is really too high-end, and the whole process is exciting.

The film brings out the memories of many people. Funny comedy scenes, clever and witty cheating methods, and extremely nervous exam scenes. Watching this movie feels even more nervous than cheating on an exam.

Can not help but recall the previous junior high and high school test life, the tension in the last five minutes of handing in the papers, the anxiety before the results are published, and this film has completed everyone’s infinite reverie about cheating. It makes people miss the period of junior high and high school. The day of the exam.

This Thai “Bad Genius” movie once again proves that youth films have unlimited possibilities. The idea that the Thais make cheating into spy movies and grand theft movies is convincing.

Judging by the poor overall quality of Thai movies over the years, “Bad Genius” can be called a masterpiece, and Thais deserve to be proud of such a rare masterpiece this year. The director cleverly used the packaging of commercial films to criticize the education system, and contrasted the fate of individuals in the cold reality.

“Bad Genius” not only discusses justice and interests, and the desperation of the poor and the excellent born under the temptation of money, but also the degeneration and blackening of the righteous youth, and the collapse of the first love of young girls. The male protagonist “Bank” was finally blackened, which is distressing. Poverty and struggle have changed their quality, and finally drifted away.

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