“Downton Abbey: A New Era‎” Review: Is the film a feeling or has some new idea?

Movie Review

The whole “Downton Abbey: A New Era‎” has a very rich picture and a very smooth plot. The antique manor, the blue ocean, the splendid modern villa, the polite host, the gentleness of the servant, the warmth in the story, everyone All are self-control, no intrigue.


New idea for “Downton Abbey: A New Era‎”

New things, new orders, new jobs, new tasks: new staff, new actors, actresses at their command, new servants, new masters, new waiters, new characters appearing, new The disappearance of movies, the emergence of new voices.

All the changes, including those of the taciturn old lady and earl, will have their own servants taking part and even dining at the table.


In the end, the death of the old lady, the birth of a new life, and the emergence of a new successor brought the old manor back to life.

Triggered by certain plots, we ushered in the end of an era.

There is only one sentence in the movie, and that is that everything is fine and that’s it. It’s a good feeling.

The Feelings of “Downton Abbey: A New Era‎”

“Downton Abbey: A New Era‎” continues the previous style, resonating with audiences in small clips, reiterating the warm themes of self-seeking, respect and people-centeredness.


Fortunately, the director still decided to return the focus of the role to the heroine and the father. This is a kind of respect for the father and the heroine, and it is also a success.

Characters have long been freed from their original class themes and become individuals with memories that affect the mood of the audience.

I’m glad that everyone in this movie had a good ending, and even their cousins, who were longing for each other, were brought back with strong memories.

But obviously, the “trap” in this movie made some characters in the previous issue look like passers-by, and there were too many “leaks”.


In contrast, the storyline is simpler and in some narratives it appears rushed and therefore lacks logic.

The addition of new characters is more of a change of times, which makes the movie look very imposing at the beginning.

However, what is admirable is the unchanging romance and tenderness, which is a human nature that is not affected by time and events. This is the success of this IP.

The old lady represents the soul of this house, and also represents that every word of her is full of warmth.

"Downton Abbey: A New Era‎" Review: Is the film a feeling or has some new idea?

I can’t hear my death, the life of this dynamic man, embracing the world so energetically. For many, it’s also a promise for the next decade.

In the end, there is the persistence of human love, family affection, and the changes of the times. All the advantages of “Downton Abbey: A New Era‎” were obtained, and the final result also satisfied the fans. I sincerely wish the old lady’s smile to be like a “painting”.

I could give “Downton Abbey: A New Era‎” a 6.5, excluding the emotional factor.

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