“Metal Lords” Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

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Today, let’s talk about the American movie “Metal Lords”, which is produced by Netflix, written by D.B. Weiss, the screenwriter of “Game of Thrones”, and produced in conjunction with director Peter Sollett.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

The film tells the story of several high school students who love heavy metal pursuing their musical dreams. It combines elements of youth, campus, inspiration, love, and friendship. The core of the story is heavy metal.

At first glance, the story is quite old-fashioned, but the actual viewing experience is full of surprises. The story that seems to be commonplace is brought to life under the background of explosive heavy metal elements.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

As a rock music lover for decades, I am constantly amazed when I watch it.

In “Metal Lords”, Hunter is a teenage rebellious teenager with a passion for heavy metal, who plays guitar and vocals in the band.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Hunter has a good buddy Kevin. Kevin was originally a drummer just to avoid gym class. After Hunter’s active guidance, he also embarked on a journey of heavy metal, and became a drummer by self-taught.

Hunter and Kevin want to participate in the school’s annual band competition. Although a two-person band can also participate, it is always a little bit less of a bass player.

Kevin fell in love with Emily, who could play the cello, and wanted to invite Emily to join the band, but Hunter refused to allow Emily to join the band, and the band was at an impasse.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Teenagers do not know the taste of sorrow. In fact, growing teenagers have their own troubles.

The audience can really feel the pain of Hunter, Kevin, and Emily. Each of them has their own problems, some from family, some from emotions, and some from health.

The youngsters who seem to be full of enthusiasm also have various problems of their own behind them.

Heavy metals have given them a good outlet, the pressure accumulated over time can be vented, and the pain brought by life can be relieved.

In the eyes of outsiders, Hunter, Kevin, and Emily reject everything around them, and rejection is just a way for them to protect themselves. Once they get to know them, they will find a completely different young man.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

The last time I saw a movie about heavy metal was in 2018.

The plot of this film and the Norwegian movie “Los Bando” have the plot of looking for a bass player.

And the unremitting pursuit of metal music can also see the shadow of “Hevi reissue”.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

The high-profile and outgoing Hunter dominates the first half of the film, a strong and assertive man who desperately needs heavy metal to unleash his anger.

His behavior may seem childish, but in fact he is expressing the spirit of resistance. Everyone only needs to understand his pain to understand his behavior.

He often puts pressure on his only friend Kevin, the fundamental reason is that he cannot live in harmony with his divorced father, and needs to make up for the lack of love through heavy metal and friendship.

At the same time, he wanted to combine heavy metal and friendship, so he pulled the weak Kevin to start a band.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

The seemingly weak and introverted Kevin dominated the second half of the film, and timidity was only a part of him. After investing in heavy metal with the original intention of helping friends, Kevin has also undergone many changes.

Heavy metal unites them closely, especially the spirit of heavy metal not admit defeat and resisting authority is deeply rooted. This became the basis for Kevin to unleash his nature.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Emily is the perfect catalyst and lubricant.

Emily plays metal on cello to great effect, reminiscent of 1999’s classic live “S&M” with the Symphony Orchestra.

When the band couldn’t make it, her appearance gave everyone hope.

Although Hunter didn’t recognize her at first, her superb skills and defiance from the inside out have already conquered audiences.

When the band was in jeopardy, she was the savior of the gods. When she appeared in a smoky goth makeup in fishnet stockings, she was quite aura.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

The title track “Machinery Of Torment” in the film is a really good song.

“Machinery Of Torment” is a truly catchy, unabashedly teenage heavy metal song that culminates in the film.

The film’s music producer is Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, who wrote a song that reflects the psychology of high school students, naturally a piece of cake.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Hunter gave Kevin a list of representative works of each Heavy Metallica.

This list is a very good introduction to heavy metal, and audiences who are interested in heavy metal and want to know more can listen to it.

《War Pigs》Black Sabbath
《Ace of spades》Motorhead
《The Trooper》Iron Maiden
《Aces High》Iron Maiden
《Exciter》Judas Priest
《Unchained》Van Halen
《For Whom the Bell Tolls》Metallica
《Holy Diver》Dio
《Mr Brownstone》Guns n’ Roses
《Holy Wars》Megadeth
《War Ensemble》Slayer
《Im Broken》Pantera
《Killing in the Name》Rage Against the Machine
《I Am the Black Wizards》Emperor
《New Millenium Cyanide Christ》Meshuggah
《The Lepper Affiinty》Opeth
《Blood and Thunder》Mastodon
《Laid to Rest》Lamb of God
《Hail to the King》Avenged Sevenfold
《L’Enfant Sauvage》Gojira

There are a lot of classic metal soundtracks in the film, and metal fans will definitely feel at ease when they hear it.

《Metal Gods》Judas Priest
《St. James Infirmary》Traditional
《Shape Of You》Mollycoddle
《Nameless》Carl Restivo
《Mango Sky》Carl Restivo
《We Dem Boyz》Mollycoddle
《The Trooper》Iron Maiden
《Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: Prélude》Yo-Yo Ma, Joel Fan, Joseph Gramley, Mark Suter, Shane Shanahan, Sandeep Das & Edgar Meyer
《Hail to the King》Avenged Sevenfold
《Painkiller》Judas Priest
《For Whom the Bell Tolls》Metallica
《War Pigs》Black Sabbath
《Blood and Thunder》Mastodon
《The Mongrel》Carl Restivo
《Grinder》Judas Priest
《Ace of Spades》Edwards Alan Clarke, Ian Kilmister & Philip John Taylor
《Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major, Op. 24 “Spring”: I. Allegro》Ludwig van Beethoven
《Dee》Ozzy Osbourne
《One》James Getfield & Lars Ulrich
《Cowboys From Hell》Darrell Lance Abbott, Phlip Hansen Anselmo, Rex Robert Brown & Vincent Paul Abbott
《Master of Puppets》James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett & Cliff Burton
《Total Domination (Carl Restivo Remix)》The Purple Chicken Panda Horses
《Trust No One》Zeal & Ardor
《Since I Don’t Have You》Guns N’ Roses
《Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (1981 Recording): Variation 30 a 1 Clav. Quodlibet》Glenn Gould
《I’m Broken》Pantera

In addition, let’s talk about a few Easter eggs in the film.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life
  1. A line of “Metal up your ass” is written on the movie poster, which is a tribute to the album “Metal up your ass”.
"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

2.Skullflower is a real band name, the style of this band is powernoise/electro.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life
  1. Hunter’s license plate is “PWRLVE”.

This is a tribute to Iron Maiden’s September 1984 album “Powerslave”.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life
  1. When Kevin took a bath with his sister, four characters appeared in his mind

They are Scott Ian of Anthrax, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine (RATM), Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

"Metal Lords" Review: Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Enjoy music and enjoy life, passionate youth will never admit defeat.

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