Amelie:Hidden angel

Movie Review

In an ordinary life, everyone may fall into a situation where they unnaturally accept stylized behaviors and let them tie their hands and feet. This is called a “habit.” At a deeper level, people’s hearts have also begun to become rigid. That is, you no longer have curiosity about the things around you, and can no longer discover (or even forget to discover) other colors in life.

Amelie is an ordinary girl, but she is secretly using tricks, sometimes in tricky and teasing ways, to affect the dogmatic and stereotyped people around her. Because she is always full of child-like curiosity about life and the world. With curiosity and enthusiasm, she discovers the rigid things outside of her life, and makes seemingly absurd actions, forging “late letters”, using tricky means to punish unsympathetic bosses and so on. In life, there are too many people in need of spiritual rescue, perhaps by nature, in her world, she acts as an angel.

The film director created this “angel” role ingeniously. At first glance at this movie, in addition to being amazed by the clear and beautiful pictures of the film, it is difficult to understand the main thrust of the director’s expression. The protagonist, Amelie, runs around for some weird people. Everything is such a meaningless prank, spelling photos, and answering non-questionable dialogues. However, through these shallow narratives, digging into the psychological motivations under the characters’ behaviors, we can see that the director is methodically expressing the extremely clear themes in his mind.

First of all, the play uses a monologue to mention and talk about the personal preferences of the characters tirelessly, but it is revealing such a proposition: people often acquiesce to the rules imposed by themselves or foreign objects, and gradually form a behavioral and even psychological set. . Amelie’s father doesn’t like the feeling of the swimsuit sticking to his body after swimming. Her mother likes to smooth the floor and doesn’t like others touching her fingers, etc. There is no explanation of the reasons for the statement, only the details about personal preferences that people are used to in life, the film gives a detailed list.

In fact, the director tells us in advance that when people fall into terrible habits, someone or an “angel” should push themselves to make a change, pull themselves out of the routines of life, and re-experience a new and lustful life. , Thus moving towards the fullness and abundance of the soul. Only by understanding the intention of the film can you realize the director’s keen observation of the subtleties of life, and realize that his setting of every detail in the film is based on a strong grasp of the theme.

The film director also used his extremely imaginative creative techniques to properly use the special effects of computer stunt pictures and sound, which added some mystery to the film.

When Amelie first found the box, she reached out to open a wall brick that was hit by a small ball. The sound effect seemed to be the sound of a sudden knock on the door of heaven. The angel went down at that moment. Amelie helped the blind old man cross the road and excitedly told the old man about the scenery on the side of the road. In the end, the stunt produced a scene like the light of heaven flashing, and the old man’s feeling of encountering an angel was strengthened.

This technique can be cited a lot from the film, which may make people feel too dazzling. With careful taste, the film has a unique artistic charm, which enhances Emily’s “angel” characteristics.

The film photography is beautiful and clear, with a light and pleasant melody on the sound, making this sound and picture space full of French romantic sentiment. Especially the picture of Amelie wearing a red dress playing in the water. The gorgeous red is reflected in the turquoise water; the small waterfall behind her, the shallow pool of clear water in front of her, and the fast sliding stones on the water constitute a Enchanted picture.

The film does not deliberately express the publicity of the meaning of life, the praise of love, only the cleverness of pranks and the taste of ridicule. When Amelie acted as an “angel” for the first time, she secretly visited and made the dilapidated box that only represented this childhood memory. When a ghost appeared in front of the old man, the old man burst into tears and wanted to share his inner joy with everyone! The director did not add any more crappy plot renderings. The box aroused the old people’s reminiscence of childhood. The film is expressed in black and white images, which has moved the audience. The daily trivial life fragments have divided life into a mess. Who doesn’t yearn for an opportunity to pick up the good or the sad experience of the past, carefully comb, and gently open those that have been sealed up, like treasured in a photo album The same experience as the photos of, let them rush to my heart, like rain and dew watering the soul that tends to dry up.

Amelie took the trouble to synthesize the photo and send it to her father, and handed a forged letter to the woman, freeing them from their depressed and dead hearts. Bang Nino discovered that the character in his collage photos was only a maintenance worker, allowing him to get out of his focus on mysterious things and turn to romantic love in reality.

The theme of the film is hidden but not obvious, leaving the audience with a series of trivial events, exquisite pictures, cheerful and relaxing music, incomprehensible character languages ​​and behaviors, and a great space for thinking. However, the director’s hard work was not in vain, and the audience finally understood why ordinary girls were named “angels” and their value as “angels”. This understanding naturally reached the bottom of the film’s expression. . Life is still unremarkable, but people’s hearts have changed, and the beauty and touch of the world and life have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, because there is an “angel” hidden around people.

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