Recommended for the best unpopular movies of the year, these 10 movies are of high quality

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The development of film should be comprehensive. No matter which subject matter is easier for the audience, the film and television itself must be all-encompassing in order to achieve faster development. Even today, the status of commercial blockbusters has been unbreakable, setting off a scene of box office wars around the world, but good movies should not be buried. Even if it is unpopular, it is undeniable that many excellent works are worthy of careful appreciation by film lovers. In this issue, we will present the 10 best unpopular movies of 2020 for everyone, let’s take a look at the different unpopular movies!

NO.10 Greyhound

War is cruel. It devours the stability of civilians, but it is a game of slaughter by those in power who talk and laugh.

As a movie about the theme of World War II, “Greyhound” deeply expresses the cruelty of war. The dealings between the Allied and German forces never stopped, and the battlefield where all the organs had been counted was broken to pieces at every turn. The film tells the story of 37 Allied ships crossing the dangerous North Atlantic under the leadership of the US ships, and the German U-shaped submarine has become their shadow of death.

The film has been nominated for many international film awards, but only won the “Golden Reel Award” for best film sound editing. I always feel that something is missing? Obviously it’s really hilarious~

The plot of “Greyhound” is compact, from beginning to end without delay. Wonderful tactics and war scenes run through the entire movie, even if it is only 91 minutes long, but the rhythm is fast, intense and exciting, all in one go. Not only did it bring wonderful visual effects to the audience, but it also gave the audience some warmth and warmth in the icy fight. As a naval battle film, it combines the characteristics of a commercial film and also presents the truth of a documentary. It is a good work worth watching.

NO.9Martin Eden

This is a literary and artistic film full of retro flavor, loyal to the original, seeking a suitable entry point to present the whole story. Like the literary and artistic atmosphere of medieval Europe, the misty picture makes it easy to be substituted into the world of the protagonist. And the male lead’s performance deeply shaped such a role-“Martin Eden”. With this film, the actor Luca Marinelli won the best actor in the “Volpi Cup”.

Martin Eden was born in poverty, and his poor family situation made it difficult for him to live his life, and there was only one sister around him who depended on each other. In order to survive, he gave up his preferences and ran to the sea, wandering on the sea as a sailor. In one encounter, he met the wealthy Miss Ailena, and also saw the poetry collection of French poet Baudelaire. It was like sunlight shining into the dark world. At that moment, he was attracted by the beautiful words, unable to extricate himself, and studied all day long. After that, he began to write by himself, and devoted all his energy to creation. There are ups and downs, and I hope that those who believe in it will always be favored. Martin Eden’s novels are published, and his destiny has also changed.

This world is not so beautiful. Benefits are inspiring, and the material is supreme. The only way to find a ray of life is to break through the shackles. Right, wealth, and desire are intertwined. Break it to have it, but will it also be eroded if you have it?

NO.8 La belle époque

This film restores the scenes and the actors help you to find your dreams. In the hearts of each of us, there will always be some past events that cannot be let go. Let us have an experience of tracing memories, make a different choice, and give ourselves a reason to let go.

“La belle époque” is a French-style romantic comedy, light-hearted and humorous yet literary. Through the construction of virtual scenes and the assistance of actors, the male protagonist can go back to the past and pursue his lover again. We often say that “marriage is the tomb of love”, and we also know the deterioration of love brought about by the “seven-year itch”. When the emotional crisis hits, whether to accept it naturally or to find it boldly, maybe “La belle époque” will provide us with a new way of thinking.

NO7. Les Misérables

The young male protagonist joined the “anti-crime special forces” and cooperated with two experienced police officers on patrols. The street gangs are distinct and tense. Violence, crime, racial discrimination and other factors flooded the crowd, and even children were not spared from terrorist criminal activities. Then everything recorded by the drone became the final fuse, not only unveiling the prelude to the gang war, but also unveiling the fig leaf of the government and certain organizations.

The action scenes are exciting and the atmosphere is intense and exciting. It not only exposes the darkness of the social racial system, but also deeply exposes the causal relationship between the ugly human nature and violence.

NO.6 Hors normes

How many people are willing to give up the prosperity of the world, willing to be partial to one corner, and devote their entire lives to caring for those children with autism? They are not profitable, but support themselves with love and faith, and persevere day after day to help and love the children who are deeply affected by autism. Gentle, kind, warm as the sun, soft as the spring breeze, this is a great love.

A sound system does not necessarily give birth to great love, but great love will definitely make the system more humane. Two men have built such a heart-warming place in twenty years. They accept and take care of patients with these diseases. Even if many institutions are unwilling to accept them, they are open-minded and accept them. Because inner kindness is not hierarchical, here, every autistic patient should be needed, cared for, and cared for.

In this era when commercial films become mainstream, we also need some positive films to soften people’s hearts. Kindness is precious. We need pure feelings, the most valuable emotion of human beings.

NO.5 Sorry We Missed You

Because of the subprime mortgage crisis, the male protagonist lost his job and was in debt. In order to survive, he bought a small truck with a loan to restart his business. Because of this, he not only failed to solve the debt and survival crisis, but also brought pressure and burden to the whole family. The burden of life is getting heavier and heavier, and family affection has also begun to be tested.

“Sorry We Missed You” is like looking at the shadows of many of us. When the pressure of life strikes, we are always trying to live for life. The true portrayal makes us sigh: Why sometimes the harder we work, the more unfortunate it is? And why the poorer the more you work? The birth of this “modern slavery” has given many grass-roots workers a difficult respite. In a society full of material desires, the edges and corners are slowly being smoothed, the desires are smoothed, and day after day, working hard for survival!

Although it is not as suffering as a movie, but in contrast to the young people today, many people have mortgages, car loans, credit cards, flowers, borrowers, and support for the elderly and children. How many people have been crushed by this pressure? In the night of misery, sitting in the car complaining and laughing at home, there should be many people who work hard to live their lives? They are pursuing their future in this material society, but they are getting sadder and sadder in the “training” of reality…

Life is still going on, please continue to be brave! I also recommend everyone to take a look at “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

NO.4 The Two Popes

The handover of the old and new popes, the introspection of their own sins. Based on a true story, a “war” between tradition and progress, crime and forgiveness has been launched in the Vatican City. There is no perfect person in the world, even the pope will make mistakes, let alone believers or ordinary people? It’s just that people who have made mistakes, how can they face their hearts and redeem their souls?

Through this film, you can see the piety and faith of Christians. No matter what they believe in, at least in their hearts, they are God’s spokespersons, and they must also have the “quality” they must abide by.

Although “The Two Popes” is not the kind of science fiction, action blockbuster, and can not bring the thrilling scenes, it has extraordinary features in the copywriting and character creation. If you can watch this kind of film patiently, you will also find that it has a lot to praise.

NO.3 The Trial of the Chicago 7

The film won the “American Film Association” annual best film, “Golden Globe Award” for best screenwriter, “Golden Satellite Award” for best group portrait and many other awards. The story tells that in 1968, during the Democratic National Congress of the United States, peaceful protests evolved into violent clashes between the police and the National Guard. The organizers of the protest were accused of inciting riots and were required to undergo several scanty trials.

“The Trial of the Chicago 7” can also be seen from the title of the movie, the trial is the “seven gentlemen”, which is actually the government’s forcible trial of citizens’ thoughts. Voices that do not belong to the camp of those in power are dangerous at the moment of the regime. Trials under these regimes are nothing more than imposing charges and obliterating freedom and democracy. The film has a compact plot, dense lines, and rich characters, which reveals the history of the civil rights movement more deeply. It is a good film worth watching.

NO.2 Donne-moi des ailes

What is the relationship between humans and nature? I believe that everyone has their own answer in their hearts. In the end, we must all understand that nature and humans should coexist, and humans should respect and respect nature! Some film critics say that “the world we live in is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from future generations.” If we compare the current natural environment, this is not unreasonable. We ask too much, but forget that the environment itself is our home for survival, and we are like selfish children who only seek development and forget to protect.

The film tells the story of an ornithology scholar who decides to take a light flying device by himself in order to protect the white-fronted geese migratory birds who have lost their parents. In the eyes of people, this move is not only ridiculous but also unrealistic. However, his state of mind had an impression of another boy. From the initial incomprehension, to the end, the boy decided to take the birds by light voyage to migrate to the south to find his home.

The film vividly shows us the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Beautiful scenery, simple emotions, every frame leads us to the original beauty of nature. We need to find our original intention and maintain a harmonious coexistence with nature in order to have a romantic and beautiful future.


In 1925, the children of Nome, Alaska, contracted diphtheria, and the city was blocked by ice and snow. Only 1,080 kilometers away in Nanna, there was emergency medicine to cure them. In order to save the children, the male protagonist shoulders this important task of delivering medicines. On the icy road, only sled dogs can carry this transportation task. After hardships, thousands of miles of snow, 20 sled riders, 150 sled dogs fought day and night, 25 days of road abruptly completed the drug delivery in 5 and a half days, saving Noam’s children.

This is a feat of mankind to overcome nature. Crisis and cold are flooding the journey. The brave sled dog Togo, with his intelligence, bravely led the sled team, and cooperated with the male lead to write such a great story. As the most loyal companion of mankind, the dog’s love and loyalty to his owner has never changed, even if he sacrifices his own dog’s life! Uh, give your life!

A beautiful film, both nervous and touching. The harmonious relationship between man and dog is handed down from our ancestors, and thousands of years of changes will not change the law that dogs are the most loyal partners of mankind. So please give more love to the dogs in the family, especially the three sledge fools. After all, it’s not unforgivable for their compatriots to devote their lives to the service of mankind on the snow and occasionally tear down their homes, right? Please don’t kill it~

The above is the top ten unpopular movie recommendations of 2020, although not popular, the quality is unambiguous. When the movie is scarce, you can quietly taste it.

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