‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller rumored to no longer be involved in any DC projects

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According to the media, Ezra Miller, the star of ‘The Flash’ movie, who has been arrested repeatedly for his recent frenzy of trouble that has caused discontent and boycotts among fans, will not be involved in any future DC projects after ‘The Flash’ movie, regardless of whether he faces more charges in the future. But Warner Bros. has not yet decided how to handle ‘The Flash’ movie.


Previously, some industry analysts said that ‘The Flash’ movie is unlikely to be replaced by a remake, because Ezra Miller is the first lead, almost throughout all the scenes, and has been produced, a remake would mean doubling the cost.

And in early internal previews, the film received excellent reviews from audiences and was expected to be a box office hit.


However, it is clear that he will not appear in the DC movie afterwards.


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