Timid do not enter! “Halloween Kills” trailer horror element exceeds the standard

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The highly anticipated sequel to the horror film “Halloween Kills” has released a high-energy trailer.

From the beginning of the trailer, the horror scenes will be staged in turns.

Amidst the killings and the screams of women, a battle for revenge has begun.

There are not many dramas in the whole trailer, full of a lot of horror and bloody scenes.

From the perspective of the trailer as a whole, “Halloween Kills” will unreservedly and unrestrainedly show the fear element of the film and splatter blood.

“Halloween Kills” starring Jamie Lee Curtis also returned to the series after many years.

She was also known as the “Queen of Screaming” because she starred in a series of youth horror movies in the 1980s.

In 1978, John Carpenter’s “Halloween Returns” was released, which was the most iconic “murderer” horror movie at the time.

A series of follow-up actions appeared throughout the 1980s and have continued to this day.

After “Halloween”, Curtis starred in horror movies of the same subject one after another.

Including the second collaboration with Carpenter’s “The Fog”, “Terror Train”, “Prom Night” and “Halloween II”, as well as the Australian horror film “Roadgames”.

Timid do not enter! "Halloween Kills" trailer horror element exceeds the standard

She has also become a representative figure in Hollywood horror movies.

In the new “Halloween Kills” trilogy, Laurie is no longer the poor woman, she has decided to take up arms and fight for her life.

Unlike the panicked her back then, she was prepared this time.

Laurie prayed every night that Michael Myers could “escape” from prison because “so that I could kill her with my own hands.”

In terms of actors, all the actors from the previous game will return in full.

According to the plan, “Halloween Kills” will be released on October 15th.

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