Korean action film “A Child Who Can Die” reveals trailer, it will be released on July 13 in Korea and the United States at the same time

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The Korean action movie ‘A Child Who Can Die’ (더 킬러: 죽어도 되는 아이)starring Hyuk Jang, Bruce Khan and Anne has released its trailer and will be released simultaneously in Korea and Northern America on July 13.


‘A Child Who Can Die’ is a collaboration between Hyuk Jang and ‘Swordsman’ director Jae-Hoon Choi again. Based on the popular novel by writer Bang Jin Ho, ‘A Child Who Can Die’ tells the story of Bang Ui Gang, a retired killer who gets involved in a violent incident to protect a high school girl who needs care.


The film was previously invited to the 24th Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, where it was well received by the audience.

In addition, the film rights have been pre-sold to 48 countries in Europe and Asia.


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