“Black Widow” exposes IMAX exclusive poster

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“Black Widow” exposes IMAX exclusive poster, the film will land in North America IMAX theaters on July 9.

“Black Widow” is a sci-fi action film directed by Kate Shotland and starring Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pew, and Rachel Weisz.

The film tells about the personal experience of the Black Widow before the start of “Avengers: Infinity War”. Scarlett Johansson re-appears as “Black Widow” Natasha Romanoff.

With the emergence of new rivals, the experience of Black Widow that had never been exposed before becoming a member of the Avengers surfaced.

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The dark past of this first-generation reunion heroine is about to unveil its hidden veil.

A force that would knock her down at all costs came, and Natasha had to face her past as a spy long before she became an Avenger, and the broken relationship she had been far away from.

"Black Widow" exposes IMAX exclusive poster, the film will land in North America IMAX theaters on July 9.

On June 9, Marvel’s new film “Black Widow” exposed an IMAX exclusive poster in North America. The film will be released on July 9 in North American IMAX theaters + streaming.

The black widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, made her debut in a white tights and occupies the “C position” of the poster with a high-burning posture holding a fighting weapon. Her heroic aura is compelling.

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And whether it’s the solemn expression with a frowning head or the bloody corridor permeated with cold metal texture.

They all seem to imply that the past experience of this first-generation hero of Marvel is by no means a quiet time, but a thrilling, thorny one.

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The fluttering red hair of the black widow on the poster is as hot as a burning flame, heralding the highly anticipated journey of the film.

In the IMAX version of “Black Widow”, there are more than 20 minutes of scenes that will spread up and down the entire IMAX screen, presenting up to 26% of the exclusive screen content exclusively for the audience.

“Black Widow”, produced by Disney Pictures, is a new chapter in the Marvel superhero movie universe and one of the most watched Hollywood blockbusters in North America this year.

This film is a personal film of the first-generation Marvel hero Black Widow that is popular all over the world, and will reveal its mysterious and complicated legendary past in all aspects.

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“Black Widow”, as an audio-visual blockbuster with a lot of passionate action scenes, will bring the audience a hearty audio-visual enjoyment under the blessing of IMAX.

At the same time, the popular role of Black Widow is made more complete, three-dimensional, fresh and moving, and interacts with the historical association of the Avengers, bringing a more abundant and cordial emotional experience to fans.

The film’s main creative team is strong, except for the popular superstar Scarlett Johansson, who is nicknamed “Widow Sister” by Chinese fans, who continues to play Black Widow.

Rachel Weisz, the Oscar winner of the “The Mummy” series, and the new British star Florence Pere, who has performed well in the “Little Women” and other masterpieces.

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On June 4th, a brand new trailer was exposed in the film, and the widow sister faced the camera to reminisce about the past.

Affected by the epidemic, “Black Widow” will also simultaneously land on theaters and multi-streaming strategies.

This 2021 first Marvel blockbuster will be released and online on July 9th, US time.

For Disney, this is an inevitable response under the influence of Warner and HBO Max.

And giant companies such as Disney have also decided to synchronize their films on multi-stream media and theaters, which is bound to have a profound impact on the industry.

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