Marvel’s Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn’t know!

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A legend from a sexy stunner to a tragic hero.

The 11-year-old “Black Widow” independent film is finally here!

Since the first appearance of Black Widow in “Iron Man 2” in 2010, it has come to shine in many movies such as “Avengers”, “Captain America 2”, “Avengers 2”, “Captain America 3” and so on.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

The “Black Widow”, who was originally a second-tier hero in the comics, has become the number one heroine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the successful interpretation of Scarlett Johansson.

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As the first big screen movie in the fourth stage of MCU, Marvel’s second female superhero movie after “Captain Marvel” is also the last MCU movie in which Scarlett participated.

“Black Widow” will tell the prequel story of Natasha Romanoff, reveal her spying career, and will also introduce her successor, the “second generation black widow” Yelena.

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The film will be released in North America today, and will be launched simultaneously on Disney+.

A few days ago, the North American film critics word-of-mouth ban on this film was lifted.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

By the time of publication, the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes was 81% (239 comments) and MTC 67 (46 comments), which performed well.

This film is also the first mixed release of MCU screen works.

With the late arrival of the film, the first generation of reunion can be regarded as a perfect end.

How the black widow will exit the stage and how the mystery of her life experience will be presented has also become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Here, let’s review the past and present of Black Widow, and trace the legend of this role from comics to movies, from Soviet agents to S.H.I.E.L.D. Avengers, from sexy vases to tragic heroes.

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Black Widow doesn’t just mean Natasha Romanoff

In the comics, the black widow Natasha Romanoff was born in Stalingrad, the former Soviet Union in 1928, and first appeared in the 52nd issue of “Suspense Stories” (April 1964). The character was active in World War II and belongs to the same era as the US team.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

Captain America became a super soldier by injecting serum and came to the modern age by freezing.

Similar to Captain America, Black Widow Natasha also injected a “female super soldier serum”.

And the one leading this experiment is the “Red Room” of the Soviet Union in the comics.

After genetic modification, the black widow is able to delay the aging rate, the immune system and the ability to fight fights are strengthened.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

At the same time, through special agents and fighting training, he can be proficient in the use of various firearms and high-tech weapons.

After that, Natasha’s various encounters and dissatisfaction with “Red Room”, coupled with Hawkeye’s persuasion, eventually betrayed “Red Room” and joined the Avengers.

Regarding the title of “Black Widow” in MCU for widow sister, in fact, any female agent who completes training from “Red Room” can get this title.

Therefore, “Black Widow” has never belonged to Natasha alone. This is not a personal name, but a collective name for members of an organization.

In the comics, the principal of “Red Room” explained the code name of “Black Widow” that “Red Room” called her “Black Widow” because she was petite and skillful.

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It’s like the deadliest spider, it’s easy to escape the attention of others, and when you find her, it’s too late. “

In contrast to movies, Captain America abides by the settings of the comics and stays young forever, while the age of the widow sister has adapted the comics and set them as contemporary people born in 1984.

Therefore, in the movie, the energetic and young “heart-threatening” widow sister is actually because the character itself is set as a post-80s.

Interestingly, this is the same age as Scarlett Johansson in reality.

Being “hyper sexualized” at first appearance was commented on like an object

In 2010 “Iron Man 2”, Black Widow made her debut for the first time, exuding charming mature sexiness in her gestures.

In the film, she is a secret supervisor arranged by SHIELD by Iron Man on the one hand, and she is a legal officer of Tony Stark Company on the other.

However, Natasha was quickly promoted to secretary because Stark thought she was very sexy and very suitable for secretary assistant conditions.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

In one scene in the film, Natasha showed off his strength by easily defeating Hapi Hogan.

Immediately afterwards, Iron Man turned to Pepper and asked who this person was.

Ignoring Pepper’s warning, he immediately found a picture of Natasha as a lingerie model and jokingly said, “I want one.”

When the new film “Black Widow” was promoted some time ago, Scarlett Johansson reviewed and talked about some of the feelings of Natasha when she first appeared in an interview.

She bluntly stated that the black widow in “Iron Man 2” was “hyper sexualized” and thought this character was criticized like an object!

Scarlett said that the role of the black widow in “Iron Man 2” has a lot of room for improvement.

“Although “Iron Man 2” has many beautiful and interesting moments, every image of Natasha in that work is too “hyper sexualized”.

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Can you understand? Every time she was talked about by a male character (Tony Stark), she was talking about her ass or figure, it was like commenting on an object, this part can really be done better.

Now, 11 years later, as the lead actor and producer of “Black Widow”, Scarlett said when talking about the new film that the most important thing is not to shape the heroine, but to tell unique female stories.

Black Widow’s emotional lines are chaotic and complicated

The screen image of Black Widow when she first appeared was indeed a bit “hyper sexualized”, and she was portrayed as a thin and sexy stunner.

But what subverts the traditional superhero image even more is that Natasha’s emotional line is extremely complicated and even chaotic.

In the movie, Black Widow and the Hulk have a platonic relationship, and also have a mysterious and ambiguous relationship with Hawkeye. The MCU frequently mentions their Budapest experience.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

In “Avengers 2”, the relationship between the black widow and the Hulk seems to be the love between beauty and the beast.

But because there is not much emotional foreshadowing, and lack of romantic sparks, it looks a little embarrassing in the end.

But in fact, nothing happened between the two in the comics, but the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Captain America and even Iron Man have all fallen in love with this beautiful and strong woman.

In the comics, as early as the Soviet spy period, the black widow had been in love with the Winter Soldier for a long time during the training process and became lovers.

After that, the Soviet Union put the brainwashed Winter Soldiers into the cold storage, put them in low temperature sleep, and dismantled the couple.

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The black widow was arranged to marry a Soviet test pilot.

In the second line of love, the black widow in the Soviet agent period was bent on using Hawkeye to jointly deal with Iron Man.

In the process, Hawkeye became fascinated by the black widow, almost obedient to her words, was fascinated, and the black widow was also moved by Hawkeye.

The intimate and ambiguous relationship between the two in the comics is reproduced in “Avengers 1”.

Black Widow also has a relationship with Captain America.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

In the comic parallel world Earth 555326, the black widow married Captain America and gave birth to a baby.

From the perspective of appearance, fans seem to be more optimistic about the CP combination of Widow Sister and Captain America.

When “Captain America 2” was released that year, the kissing photos of Captain America and the Black Widow were once hot.

However, the two have nothing to do in the MCU, and this photo is just a hype by the film party.

The black widow’s other relationship line is even more surprising. In the comics, Iron Man and Pepper have a stable relationship, and they also have some secret emotions with Black Widow.

In “Iron Man 2” where Black Widow debuted, she became the assistant secretary of Iron Man by virtue of her maturity and sexy.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

The above mentioned that the black widow is “hyper sexualized”, which means that Iron Man is fascinated by the black widow’s appearance.

Counting comics and movies, 4 of the 6 first-generation reunion members have emotional entanglements with the black widow.

The audience didn’t know which CP to stop, and the black widow with chaotic emotional lines inevitably caused heated discussions, even the “reunion members” had opinions.

In 2015, when promoting “Reunion 2” in the United States, “Pig Teammate” Hawkeye once talked about “Black Widow sleeping 4 out of 6 heroes” on the TV show, calling her a “slut.” !

As soon as the remarks were made, they were immediately dissatisfied by fans and audiences all over the world, after which Hawkeye also formally apologized for it.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

The emotional line is chaotic and complicated, and there is no dazzling superpower.

Moreover, she has a background as a Soviet agent, has experienced a tragic past, has committed many crimes, and her hands are covered with blood…

How to adapt “Black Widow” into an independent film is indeed a problem.

Coupled with Marvel’s lack of confidence in the female superhero market, “Black Widow” is only now available.

The first choice for Black Widow is not Scarlett

When Black Widow was casting the cast, Marvel’s first choice was not Scarlett Johansson, but Emily Blunt.

After Emily Blunt appeared in the supporting role assistant of “The Devil Wears Prada” in 2006, he opened up the popularity in one fell swoop and nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Female Supporting Role.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

However, before Black Widow’s casting, the agency at the time had helped her sign an adventure comedy “Gulliver’s Travels”, which conflicted with the schedule of “Iron Man 2.”

In addition, the MCU had just started at that time, and the superhero movies had not had much influence, and the market prospects were unknown, so the brokerage company did not fight for this role.

Eleven years later, Emily Blunt admitted in an interview that she was heartbroken because of missing the film rights, but she said that she did not regret not playing Black Widow.

The miss of Emily Blunt and Black Widow completes Scarlett Johansson’s “Marvel Sister”.

From girls in their 20s to mature women in their 30s.

Marvel's Black Widow, amazing life experience you didn't know!

From the red curly hair in “Iron Man 2”, the brown straight hair in “Captain America 2,” to the gray and short hair in “Avengers 3.”

Except for her hairstyle, Natasha’s appearance has not changed much every time she plays, and her uniform has always maintained a black theme.

If you don’t count the guest appearances of less than one minute, Black Widow currently has 8 movies in the MCU, second only to Iron Man’s 9 movies.

From the first sexy vase to the tragic hero of the final battle, in addition to the beautiful appearance, the handsome and cool fight.

The entire series also shows step by step the multi-faceted personality of the black widow, which is calm, smart, intelligent, and hesitant.

In addition to the film, Scarlett, who is the same age as Natasha in the film, has gained a lot of popularity along with the rising popularity of the role and has countless fans.

However, Scarlett said in an interview some time ago that in the face of the role of Black Widow, he was hesitant to take the role.

The final result has now been verified.

In the interview, Scarlett expressed that he was particularly impressed with the 360-degree panoramic view of the Premier League in “Avengers 1”.

“In the end our actors stood together among the rubble of Central Station, as if after an alien onslaught, we all united together.”

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