“Bergman Island” revealed the official trailer

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“Bergman Island” revealed the official trailer, written and directed by Mia Hansen-Løve.

“Bergman Island” directed by young female director Mia Hansen-Løve has exposed a brand new trailer.

In the trailer, a couple came to Bergman Island to find a new outlet for the relationship between the two and to find inspiration for their new film.

The whole trailer is full of the meaning and feelings of the filmmaker’s self-improvement.

Especially people are trapped in society, themselves, and struggle in it, wanting to make a breakthrough, and the difficulty of making progress in art.

The story of “Bergman Island” takes place between three people, one of whom is a filmmaker.

"Bergman Island" revealed the official trailer

They are stuck in society and creation, and the psychological state of the characters breaks a delicate balance between husband and wife.

Obviously, this is a kind of self-expression of director Mia Hansen-Løve.

"Bergman Island" revealed the official trailer

Regardless of the relationship between the characters and the tonality of the characters, it is not difficult to think that this is the autobiographical anecdote of Mia Hansen-Løve and his ex-boyfriend Olivier Assayas.

Because of this, the design of the play in the play not only makes the creative styles of “Bergman Island” and Ingmar Bergman ingeniously integrated, but also gives the story a nearly three-dimensional expression standpoint.

"Bergman Island" revealed the official trailer

Bergman Island is the small island where Bergman lived in his later years. The island is called Faroe Island and is located north of Gotland in the southeast of mainland Sweden.

Every year, it attracts many tourists who come to vacation, like an isolated paradise. Apart from the excellent scenery, there are no banks, post offices, medical equipment and police stations on the island, and there are only few roads.

"Bergman Island" revealed the official trailer

There are simple residents living on the island. The dialect they use daily is said to be the oldest language in Sweden.

In his later years, Bergman rarely set foot on the island. He lived here like an ordinary person. In his later filming, he left a lot of the island’s style.

"Bergman Island" revealed the official trailer

“Bergman Island” was screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and the response was mediocre.

The release time of “Bergman Island” is set on October 15th, and it will be launched on streaming media simultaneously.

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