“upload season 2” review: life in the digital afterlife

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“Upload Season 2” is below the level of “Upload Season 1” and is well made, but the content seems too scattered.

Jumping through a few topics and not going deep enough, it’s more of a big trailer, but hopefully there will be a third season.

“Upload Season 2” I think the exciting part:

Just like “Upload Season 1”, the high-tech settings and the visual sense of the big scene are still very eye-catching.

It seems that there is no way to play the “science fiction mobile phone” with a mobile phone while eating

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

The “science fiction computer” used by the male protagonist in the bathroom

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

VR meeting

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

funny upload life

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

This season continues to map some social issues, such as the gap between the rich and the poor.

The rich are tired of eating peacock penguins, but the poor living in 2G are still packing bread that the rich have licked.

Recall that in “Upload Season 1”, the rich live in a thousand-foot mansion, and the poor can only read the first 5 pages of the book, and even thinking is expensive (because thinking also consumes traffic).

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

In addition to reflecting social issues, “Upload Season 2” also introduces more potential issues in the upload world, such as virtual children, the attribution of users’ thoughts and dreams, and user privacy, all of which give us some inspiration.

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At least, that world is not utopia.

The user’s thoughts and dreams are just code and data, ready to be snooped and used by the development company

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

There are also “very cute” virtual babies…you can pay to let him sleep and let him grow up…

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

The laughter of this season is mainly contributed to this AI waiter, and even a little doubt whether he has self-consciousness.

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife
"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

“Upload Season 2” I feel inadequate:

Compared with “Upload Season 1” that introduced the entire framework, “Upload Season 2” has a significantly lower sense of technology, and its laughs are far less than “Upload Season 1”.

“Upload Season 1” refers to upload, and “Upload Season 2” refers to some downloads, but in fact the plot focuses on the male protagonist’s love triangle.

The concepts of upload and download are not too deep, and other plots are only mentioned incidentally.

“Upload Season 2” seemed unsure of which episode to focus on, and by the end of the season was mired in new questions, many of which were left unanswered.

“Upload Season 2” is somewhat of a high-rise and low-going feeling. I hope that if the third season is released, it will bring the same surprises as “Upload Season 1”.

About the love triangle of the male protagonist:

Ingrid, a rich second-generation girlfriend, has been secretly protecting her boyfriend, wanting to have a future with her poor boyfriend, and also bears all her boyfriend’s expenses by herself, because she wears thick somatosensory clothes all day long because she is allergic, and at the same time, she secretly makes a clone for her boyfriend to bring him back to life , everyone can see that she really loves the male lead.

But on the heroine’s side, as a company customer service who can see the privacy of all the guests, the heroine opened the perspective to get the male protagonist with a girlfriend, so “soulmate”?

When the male protagonist had no money to go to 2G and was frozen, she took refuge in the jungle and got on well with others. Later, the two non-single people began to be ambiguous after meeting this season.

"upload season 2" review: life in the digital afterlife

And the male protagonist took the money of his girlfriend Ingrid and cheated on the mistress. Please lock up these two roles.

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