Zendaya starring in the US drama “Euphoria Season 2” revealed the official trailer

The US drama “Euphoria Season 2”, which helped Zendaya win the 2020 Emmy Awards, has been officially announced recently and will be launched on HBO Max in January and September 2022.

In the process of promoting “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, it is said that Zendaya’s boyfriend Tom Holland has repeatedly emphasized that he likes the show and wants to appear as a guest, but…

“Euphoria” is a series produced by A24, which has produced “Moonlight”.

The series is about a group of young fellows in California trying to escape reality through drugs, sex and violence in order to deal with an uncertain future.

With its stylized photography, soundtrack, and large-scale controversial plot, the show received considerable recognition after it was broadcast.

“Euphoria Season 2” will be launched on HBO Max from January to September 2022.

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