Woody Harrelson, Simu Liu, Djimon Hounsou to star in fact-based narrative thriller ‘Last Breath’


Woody Harrelson, Simu Liu, Djimon Hounsou will star in the fact-based narrative thriller “Last Breath,” directed by Alex Parkinson and based on his 2019 documentary of the same name directed by Richard de Oliveira Costa.

Similar to “Apollo 13‎” and “The Perfect Storm‎”, the film focuses on survival in extreme conditions: diver Chris Lemons is trapped at the bottom of the North Sea, his lifeline is broken due to rough seas and an equipment accident on board, only Five minutes of oxygen left.

In total darkness and freezing water, where there would be no chance of rescue for at least thirty minutes, the captain and crew were above him in a race against time. The actor to play Chris is still being cast.

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