‘Warner Bros. Discovery’ plans to rebrand DC


On Friday, Discovery Communications completed its $43 billion acquisition of WarnerMedia.

'Warner Bros. Discovery' plans to rebrand DC

Recently, according to “Variety”, the new company “Warner Bros. Discovery”, which has completed the merger, will overhaul DC Entertainment.

'Warner Bros. Discovery' plans to rebrand DC

According to sources, the company’s combined CEO David Zaslav is looking for someone like Kevin Feige to lead the creative and strategy of the series IP for DC.

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'Warner Bros. Discovery' plans to rebrand DC

Insiders at Discovery Channel believe there are top-tier characters like Superman who have been sidelined and need to be reinvigorated.

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In Discovery Channel’s view, “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips is a very positive example.

'Warner Bros. Discovery' plans to rebrand DC

A film like this illustrates how well DC’s secondary characters can be developed, and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is a prime example.

'Warner Bros. Discovery' plans to rebrand DC

DC is currently expanding beyond the big screen with projects such as the “Peacemaker” series and the “Penguin” spin-off, but Discovery believes that beyond these, DC should also be more aggressive in its comics and games.

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