Vietnam plans to adjust the film classification system, discusses the draft film law


According to Vietnamese media reports, on the afternoon of May 25, the National Assembly of Vietnam discussed the draft “Film Law” (Amendment) according to the agenda of the third session of the 15th National Assembly.

It involves issues such as film development policy, film industry, popular online films, transnational film cooperation, post-review system, film classification, etc.


This is also the second time Congress has discussed the draft of the Film Law (Amendment). Compared with the first draft, after four revisions and additions, the draft has 8 chapters and 50 articles, an increase of 6 articles from the first draft.

The Standing Committee on Culture and Education of the National Assembly of Vietnam stated that the draft “Film Law” (Amendment) is a legal project with deep professionalism and complexity, and some new issues do not have much practical experience for Vietnam.

Vietnam updated its film rating system in 2017, replacing the original two-level rating system with a four-level rating.

Vietnam plans to adjust the film classification system, discusses the draft film law

In this discussion, there were suggestions that clear classification criteria for films should be specified, and there were suggestions that additional classifications should be made by genre, duration and form of dissemination, so as to be universally applicable to all forms of film dissemination.

The report also mentioned that the Standing Committee of the National Assembly believes that movies are products of the cultural and artistic fields. In the past period of time, there have also been movies that distort history and distort Vietnam’s sovereignty.

Therefore, in addition to film experts, the composition of the film appraisal and classification committee should also include the participation of managers and experts in related fields.

In 2015, the film “Fifty Shades of Grey” with “large-scale” sexual abuse was ordered to be withdrawn without warning, and all pornographic footage was redacted before the film was able to return to the big screen in Vietnam.

At present, the Vietnamese film rating system is divided into four levels: P-level is for general audiences, not limited to moviegoers; C13-level is only for people over 13 years old; C16 is for audiences over 16 years old; C18 is for adults over 18 years old. watch.

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