Tyler Hoechlin joins “Teen Wolf‎” movie version as Derek


Tyler Hoechlin joins the “Teen Wolf‎” movie version, continuing to play his character Derek in the original series, and also serves as a producer with Tyler Posey, who also returns to the starring role.

The original creator, Jeff Davis, will continue to serve as writer and executive producer. It is produced by Paramount streaming media Paramount+ and plans to launch this year.

“Teen Wolf‎” tells the story of a full moon rising over the Beacon Mountains, followed by a terrifying demon, and the wolves howling again, calling on the Banshee, Werewolf, Cerberus, Fox, and all other shapeshifters in the night return.

Tyler Hoechlin joins "Teen Wolf‎" movie version as Derek

But only Werewolf, no longer a teenager but still an alpha, like Scott, can gather new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what may be the most powerful and deadly foe they have ever faced.

Tyler Hoechlin joins "Teen Wolf‎" movie version as Derek

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