True Crime Documentary ‘House of Hammer‎’ releases Official Trailer


The trailer for ‘House of Hammer‎’ , a true crime documentary special focusing on Armie Hammer and his family’s anecdotes, was released, featuring multiple women from Hollywood’s golden boy to alleged abuse: “I’m here to talk about what happened to my affair with Armie Hammer. ” “All he wanted to do was talk to me about ‘I want to eat you’.”

Hammer’s family includes oil tycoon Armand Hammer and others, and the film claims to show “the different chou stories of five generations of the family. A dynasty of chaos and disorder, the men in the family show the horrific consequences of privilege gone awry,” as well as revealing archival footage and interviews with survivors and family members.

“Armie Hammer’s aunt Casey Hammer also appeared on camera to talk about the “deal with the devil” of this “outwardly perfect family”, saying that every generation in the family has a dark side, one generation more than another. It’s time to stop, I refuse to be muted”, said to reveal the family’s “dark, twisted secrets”.

‘House of Hammer’ will go live on discovery+ on September 2

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