Tokyo Olympics Documentary “Tokyo 2020 オリンピック” Released Trailer


The official documentary of the Tokyo Olympics “Tokyo 2020 オリンピック” has released a final trailer, which is divided into two parts: “Tokyo 2020 オリンピックSIDE:A‎” will be released in Japan on June 3, “Tokyo 2020 オリンピックSIDE:B” will be released on June 6 Released on the 24th.

The film is directed by Naomi Kawase, with Fujii Kaze singing and producing the theme song.

Tokyo Olympics Documentary "Tokyo 2020 オリンピック" Released Trailer

The film focuses on a very special Olympic Games held without spectators in Japan, which is under the “declaration of emergency” due to the new crown epidemic.

“Tokyo 2020 オリンピック SIDE:A‎” mainly depicts athletes on the Olympic field, and “Tokyo 2020 オリンピック SIDE:B” depicts ordinary citizens, volunteers, medical workers, etc. related to the Olympic Games.

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