The premiere box office wins! Can Spielberg’s “West Side Story” become popular with its high reputation?


The opening result of “West Side Story” exceeded 10 million U.S. dollars

On December 10th, the musical “West Side Story” was unveiled in North American theaters.

With the blessing of Spielberg’s director’s halo, “West Side Story” broke through 10 million U.S. dollars, and it narrowly beat the animated film “Encanto” to top the box office chart.

With audience praise and media affirmation, “West Side Story” hopes to have a long-term battery life in the holiday gear. Faced with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” this week will be a major challenge for it.

The premiere box office wins! Can Spielberg's "West Side Story" become popular with its high reputation?

“West Side Story” premiered and won the championship, high reputation guarantees battery life.

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As a legacy project of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, “West Side Story” has been rolled out to 2,820 theaters in North America.

The film earned 800,000 US dollars in the zero-point field, keeping pace with “Dear Evan Hansen” in the same period.

As a result, “West Side Story” earned US$4.13 million on the first day, which is less than the US$5 million in the summer file “In the Heights”.

In the next two days, “West Side Story” fell 9% and 29% respectively, showing good resilience.

According to statistics from IMDbPro, “West Side Story” closed at US$10.57 million in the first weekend, with a single library revenue of US$3,749.

In contrast, “In the Heights” scored $11.5 million in 3456 theaters, and two movies of the same type performed similarly.

However, the latter also launched HBO Max at the same time, and “West Side Story” will be shown exclusively on the big screen, and will not be available for streaming until the end of the 45-day window.

According to the calculation model of The-Numbers, comparing “Mary Poppins Returns” and “The Greatest Showman” and other musicals, and substituting 63% of the offline audience return ratio, “West Side Story” has a predicted value of 6.92 million US dollars in the first weekend. This is equivalent to 65% of the actual figure.

If adjusted according to the advance field data, “West Side Story” rose to 9.63 million US dollars, which is still 9% lower than the figure announced by the film party.

In fact, most music films have struggled this year, and “Dear Evan Hansen” and “In the Heights” adapted from Broadway dramas have suffered a lot. This is related to the low frequency of admission for senior audiences.

Of course, the freshness of “West Side Story” rotten tomatoes reached 93%, and they also got a high score of A in CinemaScore.

As its reputation continues to ferment during the awards season, “West Side Story” hopes to get out of the Yangxian market.

Disney animation “Encanto”, which had previously won the championship, retreated to the second place. It fell 24% over the weekend to US$9.9 million, and the cumulative box office rose to US$71.91 million.

Before the official launch of Disney+ on Christmas Day, “Encanto” still has a chance to hit the 100 million yuan line.

The youth version of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is also firmly in the top three. Four weeks after the film’s release, the total score reached 112 million US dollars. It is only a matter of time before it surpasses “Free Guy” (122 million US dollars).

Another new film is the sports drama “National Champions” released by STX, which only received $300,000 in 1,197 theaters, and failed to even break into the top 10 of the list.

The premiere box office wins! Can Spielberg's "West Side Story" become popular with its high reputation?

In fact, the revenue of “National Champions” is as low as US$251, which is the fourth-worst result in the history of paintings in more than 1,000 theaters.

“National Champions” starring Stephan James and J.K. Simmons tells the story of a college football star fighting for equal pay.

The director of “National Champions” Ric Roman Waugh has been in charge of films such as “Angel Has Fallen” and “Doomsday Escape”. The freshness of rotten tomatoes in the film is 62% of the pass.

This is obviously not good for the publisher STX.

Throughout this year, STX only screened one movie, “Prisoner 760” in theaters, which earned more than $8.36 million in January.

Just before the release of “National Champions”, STX just announced that billionaire Jam Najafi has acquired the company from Eros International.

This news became a footnote to the box office loss of “National Champions”.

Last week, two streaming movies appeared on the big screen ahead of schedule, but the filmmakers did not announce the corresponding box office numbers.

“Being the Ricardos” is directed by Aaron Sorkin and takes the audience back to the set of the hit drama “I Love Lucy” in the 50s.

The two protagonists in the play, Lucille and Desi, are played by Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem, respectively.

The freshness of “Being the Ricardos” Rotten Tomatoes is only 68%, which is quite different from Aaron Sorkin’s high-scoring previous work.

The premiere box office wins! Can Spielberg's "West Side Story" become popular with its high reputation?

More than 10 days after landing in theaters, “Being the Ricardos” will be launched on Amazon Prime on December 21st.

“Don’t Look Up” is led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, and the director is “awarded professional” Adam McKay.

The film tells about two astronomers trying to warn people that the coming comet will destroy the earth, which is closely related to the hot climate change issue in recent years.

However, in the face of 56% of the freshness of rotten tomatoes, the probability of winning the “Don’t Look Up” may not be high.

Two weeks after being shown in theaters, “Don’t Look Up” will be available to subscribers on streaming Netflix.

Re-adapted Broadway masterpiece, “West Side Story” continues the classic

In the sequence of Steven Spielberg’s works, the “West Side Story” song and dance type is quite rare.

The film is starred by Ansel Elgort and newcomer Rachel Zegler, who has been set to star in the live-action version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

It is worth mentioning that Rita Moreno, who played the heroine in the original “West Side Story”, also returned.

Behind the scenes, “West Side Story” was written by Tony Kushner.

This is the third collaboration with the director following “Munich” and “Lincoln”, and the two will continue to work together in “The Fabelmans‎” next year.

The premiere box office wins! Can Spielberg's "West Side Story" become popular with its high reputation?

The film is adapted from the classic Broadway musical of the same name in 1957. It tells the story of the two big gangs in the West Side of New York who often fight in the streets. One of the gang leader’s friends Tony and the other gang leader’s sister Maria fall in love, and finally the two leaders’ duel caused a tragedy. .

This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the release of the original “West Side Story”.

In 1961, “West Side Story” was put on the big screen for the first time. It not only took the top spot in the annual box office with a whirlwind, but also swept 10 statuettes including the best film.

In the new version, Spielberg updated the racial depiction in the film that was lagging behind the times to get closer to the audience’s tastes.

At the same time, “West Side Story” still uses the classic melodies created by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Joshua Sondheim, which can be said to have made a lot of effort in terms of feelings.

As a seed player in the awards season, “West Side Story” was named the top ten films of the year by the National Critics Association Awards (NBR) and the American Film Institute (AFI), and was praised as equal to or even surpassing the original movies.

However, the opening performance of “West Side Story” was a little flat, and the goal of catching up in the later period will be the best song and dance film that also appeared in the year-end holiday.

In 2002, “Chicago” received more than 2 million U.S. dollars in 77 theaters, and then expanded to 2701 theaters. The total box office was finally fixed at 171 million U.S. dollars.

A more appropriate benchmark movie is “The Greatest Showman”: After receiving $8.81 million in 3,006 theaters, “The Greatest Showman” has a long-term battery life of $174 million with a high reputation, which is equivalent to nearly 20 times the number of the first weekend.

Considering “La La Land” and other big award winners, if “West Side Story” can be recognized by more judges, it will not be out of reach to get out of the long red curve.

According to comScore statistics, “West Side Story” also appeared in 37 international markets, including countries such as France, Germany and Brazil, with a total of 4.4 million US dollars.

After adding up with North America, the first week of “West Side Story” was $14.9 million, which was not as strong as “Encanto”, which performed more strongly overseas, and ranked second in the global box office list.

According to reports, the bidding budget of “West Side Story” may be close to 100 million U.S. dollars, even if it is postponed for one year, it still faces huge pressure to pay back.

This week, Marvel’s new blockbuster “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is ready to launch, and it will compete with Disney’s “West Side Story” and “Encanto”. The North American film market will become the top three in Mickey Mouse. Competition.

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