Marvel’s “Blade” new dynamics, the film may start shooting next summer


A few days ago, according to media reports, the Marvel movie “Blade” may be shot in Atlanta next summer.

The specific shooting time of the film will be the end of summer.

If all is true, then the schedule for “Blade” to be released in October 2022 will no longer exist.

Marvel's "Blade" new dynamics, the film may start shooting next summer

It is understood that this “Blade” will be closer to the original comics.

The story takes place in an underground world, where a hybrid of humans and vampires is born in the city.

But his birth was opposed and cursed.

As an adult, this half-human and half-vampire man has been looking for the murderer of his mother.

Years of experience in wandering the dark world gave him a complete set of fighting skills and abilities.

In the end, he became a fearsome blade warrior.

Previously, Hollywood had shot three “Blade” films, but they were of average standard.

In fact, the rumors of Marvel’s development of “Blade” have been around for a long time.

After all, the original Avengers no longer exist, and it is imperative to add new people and new characters to the Marvel universe.

Currently, the director of “Blade” is determined to be British Bassam Tariq, and the screenwriter is designated as Stacy Osei-Kuffour.

The leading actor is Mahershala Ali, who has won two Oscars and is regarded as an acting role among black Hollywood actors.

From the perspective of Marvel’s formation, Marvel will not only introduce the character of Blade this time, but also monster characters such as vampires.

As a result, the number of characters in the entire Marvel Universe will increase, and the types of characters will be richer.

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