“The Old Guard 2” will be directed by Victoria Mahoney


After the action science fiction film “The Old Guard” starring Charlize Theron set a good hit record for Netflix, Netflix confirmed the director for “The Old Guard 2”.

Victoria Mahoney, the director who directed “Yelling to the Sky”, will take over the guide for the film.

Victoria Mahoney was born in New York, USA, and is a female director who specializes in action films.

She previously filmed “Yelling to the Sky” and “Kill Them All”.

"The Old Guard 2" will be directed by Victoria Mahoney

Although “The Old Guard” has a poor reputation, its strong click-through rate made Netflix decide to shoot a sequel.

Regarding “The Old Guard”, Charlize Theron said: “Obviously, there is a certain connection between my character and Thanh Van Ngo’s character, but this connection is not fully shown in this movie. So, If I can shoot a sequel, I will be very excited. Because it is very interesting to be able to explore the relationship between the two female characters again.”

Judging from Charlize Theron’s rhetoric, she was not discouraged by the poor reputation of “The Old Guard”.

“The Old Guard” is adapted from the original comic book by Greg Rucka.

The story takes place in contemporary society. Charlize Theron plays Andy, a 6000-year-old veteran who has died and resurrected hundreds of times and has been fighting for centuries to protect the mortal world.

However, when the team was hired to perform an urgent task, their magical ability was accidentally exposed.

The outsiders then made up bad ideas, with the intention of making money by copying their abilities, and by all means to achieve their goals.

At present, the script of “The Old Guard 2” has been completed, and the start-up time will be set in 2022, and it is expected to be online in 2023.

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