The new version of “Wonka” confirmed the starring, Keegan-Michael Key will join the crew


After confirming the new actor Timothée Chalamet to star in the new version of the “Wonka” film, the film once again confirmed a starring role.

It is reported that Keegan-Michael Key, who once had an outstanding performance in “Key and Peele”, will join the crew.

At present, Keegan-Michael Key’s role has not yet been announced. According to the information so far, he will play a key role.

The new version of "Wonka" confirmed the starring, Keegan-Michael Key will join the crew

Willy Wonka is a character in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, which is from the 1964 novel of the same name by the famous children’s literature writer Roald Dahl.

In 2005, in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Johnny Depp played this role, and was widely welcomed, is one of the representative roles in Depp’s acting career.

Warner’s producer David Heyman said that the entire company is working hard to tell Willy Wonka’s story.

“But this will not be a sequel, but a prequel movie. How did Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory think of having a golden ticket, and what he had experienced before. These are all things I want to express. “

It is not difficult to see that as a character with a complex personality and a special identity, Willy Wonka has many stories worth telling.

The weird and mysterious Willy Wonka has lacked family warmth since childhood and is full of imagination.

Generally speaking, Willy Wonka is still very innocent and kind, and his personality is also very cute.

But because he was isolated from the world, he was not good at words because of being alone for too long.

The most important thing is that Willy Wonka has never eaten candy since he grew up.

The “Wonka” film is currently scheduled to be released on March 17, 2023.

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