Kiernan Shipka to join ‘Red One’


The action film ‘Red One’, a collaboration between Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson, has once again opened its casting process. It is reported that the American female model and actress Kiernan Shipka, who once starred in ‘Flowers in the Attic’, has successfully joined the cast and will be paired with two large men.

Kiernan Shipka to join 'Red One' | FMV6

At present, the film has no specific plot information, but it is easy to see from this combination of actors, the film wants to copy the success of the same type of film.

Currently, the film’s confirmed director is Jake Kasdan of the ‘Jumanji’ series, and the screenwriter is Chris Moen, who has worked on several ‘Fast & Furious’ films.

The people behind the scenes, with considerable experience in shooting action comedies, so the media is also quite optimistic about this project for Amazon.

From the current material, the film will be set around the world, will be a combination of holiday films, comedies and action films and other elements.

Jake Kasdan, who will be directing the film, is an actor-turned-director filmmaker. His ‘Jumanji’ is a lucrative venture.

Just this past 2021, Amazon’s streaming performance was poor, with only one film, ‘The Tomorrow War,’ among the top 15 films streamed for the year, making Amazon’s list at #12, with 4.05 million viewers for the year.

Moreover, ‘The Tomorrow War’ is not an Amazon original film; the film was originally a Paramount project that was transferred to Amazon’s banner because of the epidemic.

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