The comedy mystery film “Murder Mystery 2” project is established and will be streamed online in 2022


In the face of constant calls, Netflix’s film “Murder Mystery 2” was officially established.

The two actors Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in the previous film also returned to the crew.

However, the sequel has changed the director candidates, and Jeremy Garelick, who has filmed “The Wedding Ringer”, will direct the film.

Currently, there is no specific shooting schedule for “Murder Mystery 2”, but it is not surprising that the sequel to “Murder Mystery” is filmed.

The comedy mystery film "Murder Mystery 2" project is established and will be streamed online in 2022

After all, the predecessor of 2019 received a lot of praise after Netflix went online.

“Murder Mystery” was able to succeed and received more than 30 million on-demand broadcasts on Netflix, which is closely related to the performances of the two leading actors.

This is the second collaboration between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler after “Just go with it”.

From the perspective of maintaining the attractiveness of the original work, it is logical to let Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler return to the crew.

And this will also be the third cooperation between the two.

In fact, the preparation of “Murder Mystery” took 7 years.

As early as 2012, the “Murder Mystery 2” project has been put on the production schedule.

At that time, the directors and starring actors were “Shakespeare in Love” director John Madden and Oscar winner Charlize Theron.

The film is the surviving script of James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and the director of “State of Play”, Kevin Macdonald, once proposed to direct it but failed.

In the sequel, the story will continue to be based on the detective novel of Agatha Christie.

“Murder Mystery 2” tells the story of a pair of policemen and their wife from New York who hit and ran into a murder case, and after a series of coincidences, they cracked it.

Currently, “Murder Mystery 2” is planned to be filmed in the Caribbean and Paris, and will land on Netflix in 2022.

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