Documentary series “Pirate Gold of Adak Island” release Official Trailer,it will be launched on Netflix on June 29


Netflix’s new documentary series “Pirate Gold of Adak Island” releases Official Trailer, it will be online on Netflix on June 29.

Over the past one hundred years, caches of gold coins from the nineteenth century have been found buried on the remote and eerie island of Adak.

The entire pirate treasure, most of which has not been found, has an estimated value of $365 Million.

Mayor Tom Spitler is assembling a team of experienced treasure hunters to search for the booty, which proves to be a trecherous task as Adak is littered with unexploded bombs left over from WWII.

Luckily, the mayor himself happens to be specially trained in bomb removal – but will that be enough? They could get rich, but they might die trying.

Will this team of experts be able to unearth the legendary pirate treasure? Follow this documentary episode as they search for buried gold in the harsh Alaskan wilderness!

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