The classic suspense manga “Friend Games” is adapted into a Japanese drama ‘Tomodachi Game R4’, which will be broadcast on July 23rd


Today, the classic suspense manga ‘Friend Games’, originally written by Mikoto Yamaguchi and drawn by Yuki Sato, with cumulative sales exceeding 4.4 million copies, has officially announced that it will be adapted into a Japanese drama ‘Tomodachi Game R4’, and is scheduled to air on July 23 this year, so interested fans can pay attention to it.


The film is written by Takuji Higuchi, Shin’ya Hokimoto, directed by Takurô Oikawa, Hajime Takezono, Toshiaki Kamada, Hidaka Ukisho, Ryuga Sato, inoue mizuki, Naoki Fujii, Taisho Iwasaki, Soya Igari, etc., so stay tuned.


This work tells the story of the male protagonist of the second year of high school in order to pay off the sudden huge debt, and four friends were kidnapped together to participate in the mysterious and unpredictable “friends game”.

The guide character who appears in front of the protagonist and others says that the game is “easy to pass if you have friendship”…. At the beginning of the game, the traitors appear.

They are the most important friends, and the strongest bond, but their hearts begin to create suspicion, and the friendship begins to crumble fragilely.

Who is the traitor anyway? Can the 5 who no longer trust their friends pay off their huge debt through the game?

Although the only way to be saved is to win the game, the friendship can easily crumble.

The heroes make a scheme to uncover the traitor, and, in a whirlwind of secrets and dirty thoughts, the past and “nature” of the heroes becomes clear.

And the mystery of who started the “friends game” for what is getting deeper and deeper.

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