“The Batman” released a new official trailer and art poster, it will be released in March 2022


“The Batman” officially released a new official preview of the core art poster, revealing a large number of new images.

Batman and Catwoman join forces to combat Gotham’s crimes, and both of them firmly believe that ‘revenge equals justice’.

The film will focus on Batman as a youth. In the second year of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, the masses still fear this mysterious character. The Riddler and The Penguin will also appear. The story will expose the internal corruption of Gotham City through a series of murders.

“The Batman” is directed by Matt Reeves and will be released in North America on March 4, 2022 and in Taiwan, China on March 2.

Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar also confirmed to Vox: The film will be launched on HBO Max streaming media on April 19 next year, which is 46 days later than the North American theaters.

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