“The Batman” released a behind-the-scenes special to reveal the film’s production method of combining “virtual” and “real”


“The Batman” also exposed a 4-minute HBO Max behind-the-scenes special, revealing the film’s “virtual” and “real” shooting methods, very interesting.

“How do you create a ‘real’ Gotham?” Because Gotham City is a very important “character” in the film.

While shooting as many live scenes as possible, the film follows the “CG environment” system of three-dimensional surrounding LED walls that has become more sophisticated in recent years.

Cinematographer Greig Fraser used this approach on “The Mandalorian” and continued on “The Batman,” making it immersive on set.

This “environment” is not dead, but can develop some other functions, such as “freezing time”, just like sunlight, “you can stay as long as you want to shoot the sunset”.

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