The American remake of “Train to Busan” is named “Last Train to New York”


According to reports, the popular Korean movie “Train to Busan” remake in the United States will be named “Last Train to New York”.

“Last Train to New York” revealed some ideas on how American producers localized this popular zombie movie.

Although there are no other details about the remake, this new name at least gives us a goal.

The American remake of "Train to Busan" is named "Last Train to New York"

Knowing that this is a remake, we can figure out the outline of the plot by ourselves.

In “Train to Busan”, the movie is starring a father and daughter.

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They took a train from Seoul to Busan. Unfortunately, a zombie outbreak trapped the two and their companions on a one-way train to hell.

The American remake of "Train to Busan" is named "Last Train to New York"

They were forced to fend off zombies near the high-speed rail station.

Based on the closeness of the American remake to this plot, “Last Train to New York” seems to change its destination to New York City.

Since it takes about three hours by train from Seoul to Busan, a similar route in the United States means that our hero may depart from Washington, DC or Boston, which takes four hours.

The American remake of "Train to Busan" is named "Last Train to New York"

Or who knows, the producer can choose anywhere else and pretend that the United States has a high-speed rail system.

Timo Tjanjanto is a talented action and horror film director who has directed films such as “The Night Comes for Us” and “May the Devil Take You”.

This makes him the best candidate for the “Train to Busan” remake.

“Last Train to New York” is expected to be released in 2025.

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