‘Last Train to New York’: US remake of hit Korean thriller ‘Train to Busan’ announced to be pulled


The American remake of the popular Korean disaster thriller ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Last Train to New York’, has been withdrawn from theaters.

The film had previously been scheduled for release in Northern America on April 21, 2023, now temporarily out of schedule, is expected to be rescheduled soon.

The film, titled ‘Last Train to New York’, is an English-language film directed by Timo Tjahjanto (‘Sebelum Iblis Menjemput’ ‘The Night Comes for Us’) and produced by Warner

'Last Train to New York': US remake of hit Korean thriller 'Train to Busan' announced to be pulled | FMV6

The 2016 Korean original was directed by Sang-ho Yeon and starred Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, and Tong-Seok Ma. it tells the story of a group of passengers struggling to survive the outbreak of a zombie virus on an express train from Seoul to Busan, with a divorced workaholic father and daughter at the heart of the story.

The specific plot of the Hollywood version of ‘Last Train to New York’ has not yet been announced.

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